FSXA - AIBTC - Vehicle Not Traveling But Disappears

FSXA - AIBTC - Vehicle Not Traveling But Disappears

Hi all

After spending some hours off reading, I have manage a vehicle to show up at FSXA but it doesn't travel, it appears normal but after departure/reverse time it disappears, it doesn't moving at all!

Here are the file details,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<kml xmlns="http://earth.google.com/kml/2.0">
<name>File created with kml.KMLWriter</name>
24.13665851231169,35.53127140455893,0 24.13633802696189,35.53094886180035,0 24.13623257862049,35.53077655651725,0 24.13533068251785,35.53009576392044,0 24.13470558646305,35.52962144523774,0 24.13429253837656,35.52992026693203,0 24.13360973093047,35.53033227358969,0 24.13310215701258,35.53055489804358,0 24.13247676352864,35.53082892278857,0 24.13211267612817,35.53106815776317,0 24.13171361736336,35.53145981131748,0 24.13143394085389,35.53182425243343,0 24.13127649168718,35.53226565787195,0 24.13126539573162,35.53261721989561,0 24.13141252222903,35.5331159171489,0 24.13169011658066,35.53349318566093,0 24.13205372546016,35.5338164831324,0 24.13229005347626,35.53375160019797,0 24.13255149755286,35.53368564994943,0 24.13290183604964,35.53357491906078,0
Thanks in advnace
I am not familiar with AIBTC for ground vehicules... I will try it...

Your first departure time is 00:15:00 and your second departure time is 00:00:00 : you start the return before the stat of the first... try 01:00:00 for reverse departure time.
If you put 01:00:00 you should put more than 1hr for the repetition cycle... But yes, you should have the first departure before the second. If the route is very short try with 00:30:00 for the second departure, but how long is your route? AIBTC does not give you an error if the vehicle can not do the full route in one cycle and then strange results like the one you explain can appear.
PS... A friend of mine did some very nice tracks for ground vehicles so it can definitely be done.
Hi again

It doesn't move at all everything I do. I even used the example from AIBTC "AC#14,B60264,60%,2Hr,00:18:19,00:24:06,1754,reverse,ferry,01:18:19,01:24:06,1754,normal,ferry"

which is like this after the compile "AC#1,fm,60%,2Hr,00:18:19,00:25:21,1002,reverse,ferry,01:18:19,01:25:21,1002,normal,ferry".

By his manual time is recalculated automatic,
"The second field the arrival time. It is not used by the program since the arrival time is recalculated based on the route length and the boat speed."
this means the arrival time is correct in anyway, he says so.

Any help!

Edit: I have also change the route to something more beeline.
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AFAIK, AIBTC and related compil is only for "over water" motion. When reaching ground, the object stops.

(EDIT: this is true for boat category simobjects only...)
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Hi Alain

The only reason I have started is because I have some successful try outs here at forum, strange, isn't it!?

Ok, if that's not working what should I consider to go through, I couldn't find something else, only some thoughts that this might works and this or this.
Is there any specific info or tutorial?

Vehicle traffic works fine with AIBTC but do not put in too many vertices because the vehicle slows down at each node and the time it takes to do its plan may be more than you calculated. Make one plan with one vehicle and one GE track a, and give it enough time to do the distance back and forth and see if it works.
The terrain should not be too bumpy either.

I don't have many vertices, its a rectangle with 10 vertices but how can I tell about the time, at readme says that when you compile it recalculates the time, if I understand it correct, you cannot do something about it or your times are applied even if afterwords are changed by compilation!?

I'll try only a simple line to see if it moves!

And by the way, we leave the path open correct? I don't know if we can close it by GE, haven't try it!

I just did a small test with the same fire truck, AIBTC, a KML file from google earth and Copenhagen airport in FSXA and it worked perfectly except that the wheels where sunk in the ground. The truck departed on schedule and managed the three turns on my route before arriving to the destination.

Have you used the PreFSX.exe program to convert your kml into a correct trajectory?
Update: forget it. It has been converted.
I made the route slightly longer and set the static_cg height at 5.2 ft in the sim.cfg.
The fire truck moved alright.
But the default airport LGSA is not in the same place as the GE location so the truck gets stuck somewhere on a steep slope.
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I don't know what else to do, it's not working!
Have removed all other traffic files,
have try it at another 2 FSX default European airports,
have also looked and change the pc region setting for coma or dot,

The firetruck yes it is sunk laso by me and the airport has indeed a small pace difference with GE.

Can someone please give me his working example to see if it works, I will appreciate it.


If only I could tell now!!! It doesn't move the thing! After some sec it disappears.

I don't understand what could be the issue, try also at default airport as I said, nothing!