Gmax FSX gamepack issues


I'm new to flight sim development and I want to make SODE jetways for P3D. I have been looking around on the web and here on the forums, but not found an answer to this question that I have, if I have missed a topic containing I'm sorry!
First of all: I have downloaded Gmax from turbosquid and the MS FS gamepacks from I followed the instructions provided with said gamepacks, copied the folders into gmax etc, and also changed the gmax.ini within the FSX gamepack folder.
I have Gmax installed in D:\system\gmax and the FSX gamepack in
D:\system\gmax\gamepacks\[fsx gamepack]
To bypass the registration I used the files from and I found this solution on the FSDeveloper forum.
I start gmax from the shortcut provided inside the FSX gamepack.

Now to the issue: I do not see any FS Tools in the top menu, and I can't choose an FSX material. The window however says that I'm using the FSX gamepack. Have I missed something or is something wrong?

Thank you in advance!
Jakob Böhme
Try this. Start gmax. Go to Menu Maxscript. Click Run Script. Find Folder Scripts/startup. Find script file Run it. Say Ta-daa to FSTools.
Here's my plugin system works properly...if gmax_MaxUtils.gup is missing, I will get the same error as you posted.....


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@mjahn should I choose the file in the FSX gamepack? If I do that I get this message:
That is the right script for loading FSTools. Sometimes gmax skips loading them on startup, in which case you run the script as described. Your case seems different though. If as you say you can't choose an FSX material then my guess is you have a faulty setup. Perhaps reinstall using a "safer" root folder such as C:\gmax?