Gmax Maxscript error (FSX: SE)

Hi everyone,

after installing Gmax and the Prepar3D V1.4 SDK in order to model aircraft in gmax for FSX SE I am running into an error
during the gmax startup ( when starting Gmax from the link within the FSX gamepack folder).

The MaxScript error window says:

- Unknown property : "getPluginPath" in undefined

When I click ok and open the max Script listener in the lower left corner the log says:

Welcome to MAXScript.

-- Error occurred during fileIn in <File:C:\gmax\gamepacks\FSX_GMaxGamepack\scripts\startup\>

When I open the MaxScript tab and click "run script" and then manually select the above mentioned
the following line in the script gets highlighted:

global FSXSDKLocation = maxUtils.getPluginPath() as stringStream

A rather exhaustive nternet search using various keyword combinations came up empty and left me a bit frustrated.
This thead on here dealt with the same problem but not real solution:

Does anyone here have an idea what the problem is exactly and how to fix this?

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P.S.: Gmax is installed in C:\gmax and I copied the FSX_GmaxGamePack folder from the P3dV1.4 SDK into the gmax gamepack folder and start GMax from there.
I added the modeldef.xml from the P3d v1.4 SDK via configure path
Are you sure V1.4 has a GmaxGamePack folder? Mine does not, it's already all Max-oriented. AFAIK you have to install the FSX SDK SP2 or FSXA from scratch, following the instructions in the Wiki of this forum. Then you get your gmax setup and the modeldef and can export from gmax as in the old days. I still do it occcasionally.
I' m sorry Manfred you are correct-I remembered it wrongly. I actually copied the FSXgmaxGamepack Folder from the (apparently rather limited )SDK of the FSX:SE into gmax.

Unfortunately installing the FSX SDK SP2 or FSXA from scratch is not possible for me, as I own FSX:SE not the aforementioned disk versions.
Hence the need to use the Prepar3d V1.4 SDK, but unfortunately this combination is not covered in the wiki on SDK in these forums.

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Now I'm wondering if you really do need to install the SDK service packs.
Is there a MaxUtils.gup file in your FSX gamepack plugins folder?
Hi Barry,

thanks for chiming in.Yes I have a file named "gmax_MaxUtils.gup" FSX gamepack plugins folder.
The other files in the plugins folder are:


Not sure if there are supposed to be more / if files are missing , compared to a disc-Fsx variant based SDK

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