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FSX Ground illumination

Hello everybody!
in the last couple days I realised that the exterior light of the A2A aircraft don't illuminate the ground (except for landing lights). After some search I found some old effects and managed to attach them to the c182. The effects are made by some textures which are placed "under" the plane. Unfortunately when I lift off the ground, the textures aren't disappearing.
Is there something I have to write into the aircraft.cfg or xml file for the effects? I'd appreciate any kind of help from you guys, because all I tried didn't really work out.
The link shows the current status of the project: https://ibb.co/jrZ1cy

cheers! :)
Check the effects options in SDK, there SHOULD be a switch that forces the fx to stay on the ground. As the aircraft lifts, it will follow it but it will be stuck to the ground level.

I believe that's how the rotor wash effect from helicopters works: fx_rtr_cmnt.fx, fx_rtr_lnd.fx, fx_rtr_wtr.fx
I just found the command "Ground Normal" so that the textures are always aligned to the surface. Is there sth I should type into the *.xml file controlling the effect?
<Gauge Name="CessnaStrobe" Version="2.0">
             (L:LIGHT POSITION,enum) -1 ==
          (A:LIGHT STROBE,bool) (A:SIM ON GROUND,bool) &amp;&amp; if{ (A:LIGHT RECOGNITION,bool) ! if{ (>K:TOGGLE_RECOGNITION_LIGHTS) } }
          (A:LIGHT RECOGNITION,bool) (A:SIM ON GROUND,bool) ! &amp;&amp; if{ (>K:TOGGLE_RECOGNITION_LIGHTS) }
         (L:STROBE_T,enum) (P:ZULU TIME,hours) &lt;= (L:STROBE_T,enum) (P:ZULU TIME,hours) - 60 &gt; ||
            (L:STROBE_S,bool) !
              (A:SIM ON GROUND,bool)
              if{ (A:LIGHT RECOGNITION,bool) ! if{ (>K:TOGGLE_RECOGNITION_LIGHTS) } }
              els{ (A:LIGHT RECOGNITION,bool) if{ (>K:TOGGLE_RECOGNITION_LIGHTS) } }
              0 (>L:STROBE_S,bool) (P:ZULU TIME,hours) 19 + (>L:STROBE_T,enum)
          (A:LIGHT STROBE,bool) (A:LIGHT RECOGNITION,bool) || if{ -1 (>L:LIGHT POSITION,enum) 1 (>L:snd1_72,enum) }
        if{(A:LIGHT STROBE, bool) 0 != (A:PLANE ALT ABOVE GROUND, feet) 5.3 - 3 &lt; and if{ 1 } els{ 0 }}}

As you can see I tried to add a line that defines to turn off the effect at some feet above ground, but there's nothing happening.