HELP! Restarting!

I have been away from playing with Flight Simulator for several years

I have several static object files (BGL) that have the location infomation locked into them.

I would like to convert these to relocatable static objects.

I have BGL2XML so I ran it and I have XML files.

But what do I do next?

I thought I knew how to do this.

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa


Resource contributor
What is it exactly that you want to achieve with "relocatable static objects" Bob?
- Rebuild 3D models for the extracted XML-files?
- Import the XML-file information into a 3D Editor so you can (re)edit them?
- Put the same models somewhere else inside the BGL files?
- Option 4,5?
I would like to be able to relocate these models with ADE.

They have the location information hard coded into them.

I tried opening them with ModelConverterX but it cannot open this group.

I'm at the point that I don't think they are worth it. They are not really that good. I am going to look at them closer today.

Does setting the position co-ordinates to 0:0 make them relocatable?

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa


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All you need to do is remove the XML section(s) relating to lat and long (etc.) - that's the positioning data. If only the ModelData sections are left, the resulting library will be usable around the world.


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If the sections are there at all the file will be geo-locked (set to 0 they will only show up at lat/long 0).