Help testing new AI traffic app


I am looking for help to test a new AI flight plan generator app I have developed, it gathers real timetables in real time and converts them to P3D AI traffic, so you could see almost all airlines flights for a given date in selected airports.

The main feature is that you do not have to install any traffic flightplan package or compile your own or wait to a new season flightplan package to be published, the app generates one every time you fly with real up to date data! The only requirement is to have installed an AI aircraft library (freeware or payware).

Somebody who has installed an AI aircraft library from freeware models such as TFS, AIG, AIA, AIFB, etc could help to test and further improve this app.

Here are some screenshots of the traffic generated by this app on 2018-Nov-6. You can match the flight numbers shown here with the real ones on flightaware, flightradar24 (Datetime stamp UTC-6 taken at LAX and SEA). All aircraft models and liveries are from freeware sources.

Thanks for your help!


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Thank you for your answer, I appreciate it.

The app right now works with P3Dv4 and v3; FSX is not implemented yet (will be soon).

Main goal is to test the app with custom freeware aircraft libraries (TFS, AIA, AIG, AIFB, etc) and/or UTLive payware addon installed, if you have one of both then we can proceed.

Your freeware aircraft library could be a small one, if you have models and liveries that cover some airlines in certain local regions or specific airports we could work with that (For example if you have liveries for Delta airlines for various aircraft models ,A320, A330, B737, etc, we could work with Atlanta Airport).

I would send you a copy of the app installer.
After installing the app you must run the aircraft analyzer first and for just once to generate your aircraft library database. The app will look for all your installed aircraft on your flight simulator directory and/or custom locations and will create your personal AI library database.
This library could be modified and customized to enhance the real world flights generated in your simulator.

Once the library is created you will be able to generate a timetable:
  1. Select an origin and a destination airport
  2. Set a departure (ETD) and arrival time (ETA) and
  3. Hit generate
The app will gather the real life timetables and convert them into AI flightplans, then it will match the real airliners liveries with your AI library and compile and install them into your flight simulator.

Start your simulator and set the time to the actual UTC and you will able to see real flights in real time (ESP AI engine simulated).

Flightplans will be generated for some hours before and after your ETD and ETA only. Whenever you want to fly again you will have to run the app and generate a new set as real flight schedules are available for a limited timespan only.

This is roughly what I will ask you to do in this tests:
  • Send me a text file or a screenshot of your AI library directory listing to see what aircraft you have installed.
  • Backup and remove manually all AI flightplans if installed in your simulator (AI flightplans Freeware packages).
  • Deactivate any payware traffic addon installed.
  • Every step of the installation process will be logged and sent back to me.
  • I will ask you to generate specific airport timetables and send me the logbook created by the app.
If you are ok with the instructions then please start a private conversation here so we can get started, the app is ready to go!

Thank you!
I would like to test your utility. How can I do that?

Hi Eduard,
Thank you for your reply. Please send me a private message, and I will send you further instructions and requirements.

Thank you for your help,
This can be useful for collecting information about the installed AI aircraft.
I asked for help on and the guys gave me this code for the .BAT file:

This .bat searches for all files with the name "TARGET_FILE_NAME" lines starting with "START_LINE_FOR_SEARCH", and displays their endings in the file "OUTPUT_FILE_NAME". For example, bat such content:

FINDSTR /S /R "^title=" aircraft.cfg > titles.txt
Displays a list of all titles in titles.txt:
AI Boeing B737-700wl FAIB\aircraft.cfg:title=Blue Air B737-700WL
AI Boeing B737-800 FAIB\aircraft.cfg:title=Azur Air B737-800
AI Boeing B737-800 FAIB\aircraft.cfg:title=Azur Air Ukraine B737-800
AI Boeing B737-800 FAIB\aircraft.cfg:title=SAS Scandinavian Airlines B737-800
AI Boeing B737-800 FAIB\aircraft.cfg:title=SAS Scandinavian Airlines B737-800 - Wifi Dome
AI Boeing B737-800 FAIB\aircraft.cfg:title=SAS Scandinavian Airlines B737-800 - Star Alliance
AI Boeing B737-800 FAIB\aircraft.cfg:title=Blue Air B737-800
AI Boeing B737-800wl FAIB\aircraft.cfg:title=American Airlines B737-800WL


.bat should be placed in the folder with the AI aircraft.