ai traffic

  1. 11jovic

    Traffic not showing

    hello all, So i have the latest version. i have created a flight plane. updated the airport list. But when i go to see the traffic its not showing? Any ideas? kind regards jovic
  2. lzaragoz

    Help testing new AI traffic app

    Hi, I am looking for help to test a new AI flight plan generator app I have developed, it gathers real timetables in real time and converts them to P3D AI traffic, so you could see almost all airlines flights for a given date in selected airports. The main feature is that you do not have to...
  3. Albi

    Custom animated vehicle for FSX?

    I know I can create custom vehicle and animate but after modeling in Gmax, how can I make it to follow a path loop in FSX?
  4. A

    AI aircraft carrier landings

    Gents, this is a prototype development we believe is worth sharing early: an AI aircraft landing on a moving carrier! This first small step is the result of a gradual buildup of our Carriers Extended! SDK and the skill and perseverence of Farley's relentless effort. The AI Carrier ops are being...
  5. Pranay

    FS2004 User and AI Aircraft and runway problems!

    Hello All, So I am facing some issues with my VEGT airport scenery that I am recreating because I lost my previously created scenery file. Since I have been out of touch for nearly two years, my skills, it appears, need some polishing :( Please have a look at the capture below, which is the...
  6. Leo2789

    FS2004 Installed aircraft not appearing in FS9 menu for mysterious reasons

    Hello I have a problem that has happened once or twice that I just can't understand how or why :S I'll use the most recent case as an example: I had all of the old HNAC Airbus A300's and A310's installed on FS9 some years ago, with lots of liveries, nice sounds and a cool panel, and all ran...
  7. Fern

    FSX - AI aircraft ground steering

    Hi, all I have a plane, my own creation, that flies just fine. It is a tail dragger and it steers on the ground just fine, too. But I made an AI traffic for it, and it doesn't steer well on the ground at all, curves way too wide. Following a tip that I don't know where I found, I used FSEdit...
  8. C

    Monitor AI Objects

    Hi All, I've come across this MSDN article about monitoring AI objects (in particular AI aircraft) however as has been mentioned elsewhere on this forum, the sample code is no longer accessible. If anyone does have a copy and would be willing to share it would be VERY much appreciated! Since...
  9. K

    FSXA Added AI aircraft removed directly after adding it - why?

    When I add an AI aircraft, I do sometimes see the same aircraft removed right after. So if I add an aircraft (let`s say with id 10) it is reported as removed instantly. Reading about the reality bubble I understand there might be situations when I cannot add an AI aircraft. However, from my...
  10. KL791

    P3D v3 Global AI Ship Traffic FSX and P3D

    Three years after the start of this project the complete package is now available on,,, and The new package "Global AI Ship Traffic V1" includes all files and corrections published in the project previous to April 2016...