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How to uninstall ADE v1,79 developer version

I installed ADE (to use with P3D v5,3) developer version 1,79 and I installed it to my root c drive

How do I uninstall it? It does not appear in my windows control panel and I can't find an uninstaller in the ADE directory

Many thanks!

Although Scruffyduck (Jon Masterson) may wish to offer personal input on this when he gets some time, generally speaking:

AFAIK, ADE does not write info in Windows Start Menu > Programs list; typically it is in its own sub-folder chain that can be deleted.

Are you saying you un-ZIP-ed the ADE Development version 1.79x directly into the root of your C: drive, and you need to (re)-move it ?

If so, create a sub-folder on your C:\ or other drive letter, and place the ADE 1.79x ZIP file inside that folder before un-ZIP-ing it.

Then compare the files and folders you accidentally un-ZIP-ed into the root of your C:\ drive with those in the (new) ADE sub-folder.

That way you will know what loose files from the (intended) ADE main folder and any (intended) sub-folders under ADE ...to delete.

NOTE: If you created / saved any ADE projects for P3Dv5 while ADE was in the root of C:\, by default they will be in a sub-folder.

Typically, that will be in:

[Airport Design Editor 179 install path]\P35\Projects\ sub-folder.

Feel free to inquire further if you have questions. :)

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There is no uninstaller. Just delete the fold that you installed into. That should remove the installation. ADE makes no entries into the registry or other configuration files
Thanks very much for this and apologies, I just saw the note in the intallation notes

To uninstall simply delete the installation folder and all its contents.