Installing/reinstalling and unistalling MS Flight

Hello, My name is Alberto and I'm from Spain, so I apologize in advance any mistake writting in English.

I've been using MS Flight Simulator since version 5.0 for MS-Dos. I still keep this box.
When MS Flight was released I installed it and it disapointed me, so I kept using FSX.
Recently, my nephew, who is 11 years old, wants to start flying and I thought FSX is too technical for him, so I remembered MS Flight and I thought it could be a perfect starting point for him.
I looked for the installer on my Hard Drive and start testing. I install on a Windows 10/64bits laptop and it worked fine, but I was unable to activate the program to fly the Stearman.
I try to log in Games For Windows and and Xbox, but it didn't work.
I found Flight Toolkit and installed it. Try to install several add-on, but MS-Flight started to fail.
I thought there's another version of MS-Flight that can be installed by Flight Tookit (yes, I didn't read the manual, sorry) and I unistall MS-Flight without unistall Flight toolkit.
When I noticed that Flight Toolkit doesn't work without Flight I tried to install MS Flight again, but installation failed because a some error on the cab file.
I try to unistall Flight tookit, but I can't unistall it without MS-Flight.
What can I do?
How can I fix this fine mess?

Thank you.

You can follow these instructions from the pinned "Flight Toolkit" thread Make sure you uninstall MS Flight and the Toolkit before doing this. My guess is your installer on your computer was an older version of Flight that doesn't work with the toolkit.

Installing MS Flight:
Make sure you have the latest GFWL client installed: (or
You can download\install Microsoft Flight from here:
Even though Flight is free, GFWL needs to generate a key for it so it can connect to the service. I have heard of people having problems getting one. If you run into this after installing Flight and haven't ever installed it before, make sure you use the Non-GFWL mode of the Flight Toolkit. You will be prompted for it at the end of the installation process of the Toolkit.

Installing the Flight Toolkit (Requires Vista or newer OS):
You can download the latest tools here: (If you have a problem where GFWL says you need a key to play, make sure you use the Non-GFWL mode. You can change this after installation from the Addon Manager)
Website for the Flight Toolkit:
Hi Stonelance,

Thank you for your reply. I've got a lot of trouble for installing MS Flight, but I did it. I don't know why, but installer download the cab file at zero size. Solved executing installer from desktop instead download folder an "run as Administrator".
Once MS Flight is installed, I was able to unistall and install again Flight Toolkit, but I have some trouble using NON-GFWL mode.
I got an system error:
The execution of code can't continue because can't find d3dx10_43.dll. This trouble can be solved reinstalling the program.
(Note: my message appears in Spanish. I translated it into English, so translation may not be so accurate)
I've noticed this error is caused by xlive.dll. If I remove this library from the folder, MS Flight starts OK.

How can I solve this issue?

Thank you

Hi Stonelance.

It works. Thank you very much.
I had to create a new profile and It didn't recognize the previous achievments, but I don't mind.

Best Regards
I'm trying to install Flight Toolkit 1.1.32 with my Microsoft Flight (Steam Version) and I'm getting the following error (attachment).

My System is as follows:
SSD1 (C) Operating System Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
HDD1 (D) Software (Steam / Origins / UPlay / Office 2016 / etc.)
HDD2 (E) Games (Steam / Origins / UPlay / etc.)
HDD3 (F) Games (Steam / Origins / UPlay / etc.)
HDD4 (G) Backup

Am I getting the failure because the Steam Software and Microsoft Flight Game (flight.exe) are on separate drives?

I had no problem on another pc where the Steam Software and Microsoft Flight Game (flight.exe) were on the same drive (Success).

I would like to add, that I have a valid purchase (Key) from Steam and all of the DLC (Keys) from GWFL/Steam.

Any help would be much appreciated.