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Blender is there a tutorial series for msfs?

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what to watch out for when making meshes in blender.
how to send them to msfs.
how to see your stuff in msfs and share it with others for free or sell it.
how to apply for marketplace if you have no company.
And would you like us to offer a tutorial on turning lead into gold? Everyone is struggling to make sense of the new sim and the tools and opportunities. Perhaps read the forums and also the MSFS forums where these things are being discussed and documented?
The Academy of Alchemy here can turn newbies into FS Developer stars; the Acolytes then turn themselves from Dross into Gold ...after they are "stars".

Alternatively, we have to teach them how to convert themselves from an 'unclear' reactor ...to a 'nuclear' reactor. :laughing:



The first attempts at turning lead into gold were made by alchemists. Alchemy was a spiritual belief system in medieval times that was half experimentation and half magic. Practicers tried to turn less desirable substances into ''high'' metals (like gold and silver). They believed that lead was just a lower form of gold that hadn't been fully matured, so all lead had the ability to become gold. This was not done out of greed typically. Alchemists believed that gold was a spiritually perfect metal, while lead was immature and flawed.

Alchemists used a substance called ''philosopher's stone''. It was supposed to be healing, life prolonging, and have the ability to change one metal into another. Not surprisingly, alchemy was unsuccessful. In our modern world, with all the technology and information we have, alchemy sounds a bit ridiculous. However, in its time, alchemy seemed plausible. Even Isaac Newton researched and wrote about alchemy.

Alchemists believed they could turn lead into gold.

Nuclear Transmutation
In modern times, it has been discovered that lead can in fact be turned into gold, but not through alchemy, and only in insignificant amounts. Nuclear transmutation involves the use of a particle accelerator to change one element into another. Particle accelerators force two different types of radioactive decay (nuclear reactions that can transform one element to another)."

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i mean id like to pay money for a good course for making airports, scenery etc. for msfs.
yup. i have this open since 2 days and didnt went it thru cause lazy ass :D

Then get off your lazy rear and get busy – how do you think anyone here is finding out how to do all this brand new MSFS stuff without putting in the effort? Sheeesh...
you are obviously all used to making stuff for flight sims. so it's a grasp for you. compared to me. muahhaa
how do you want to debate that.
I am closing this thread since it is getting personal and getting no where
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