P3D v4 KBUR Burbank

Exporting various things now. Just a slow process as I am experimenting with various methods for groundworks on future projects at same time, then realigning the ADE file with correctly placed taxiways needs a day I can't find at the moment. Looking at week after.

Taste of the completed lining. All edgelining and gone over the parking areas too. I found it oddly relaxing to do. May move onto Van Nuys next.
Hi Folks,

Really nice work - looks great...

This was a key destination serviced by AirNet Systems - my Learjet is ready when you are...


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EMAS. You ask you get. Still got skidmarks from where a corporate jet gave it a try.

Pretty much finished the groundworks now. Just needs Christmas week hols to get it into the sim and align the ade. Had to stop myself where I have got to. You keep seeing stuff to add. That's for next year.
I've just installed this. I can see the scenery, but my default scenery buildings still bleed through. Can anyone tell me how to correct this?

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Default buildings could be ones placed on ADE/Airport files. Assuming you have the scenery registered near the top of your library, then the default airport file with it's default buildings will not be used. Could you have some other airport file on your system? Maybe an Orbx item?

Try simple airport scanner to find duplicates.

If you find a duplicate for KBUR on your system, disable it by renaming to *.off, instead of *.bgl

Also check you do have CVX_KBUR_Bob_Hope.bgl in the scenery folder. It has excludes in it.

If you are stuck, post a Pic and I'll try to figure out which buildings are showing. Need to get things in order so you can benefit from upgraded ground, finished in next few days. I hope.
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Hi Mole_Man99

Wanted to report a small issue I'm having with your beta version. Having the scenery installed seems to produce an undesirable effect on some of the landclass in the Tujunga and La Crescenta area, which is on the opposite side of the Verdugo Mountains from KBUR. Getting some night textures during the day and vice versa. It's just a handful of tiles at the base of the mountains that runs along the Foothill freeway and Foothill blvd.

This is with Orbx global with NA Landclass and vector, but no SoCal region. Tried clearing shader cache, reinstalling NA landclass, but it remained until I disabled KBUR. Not sure what causes it or if you, or anyone else, can reproduce it.

Everything else is great so far and I'm looking forward to seeing it completed.
I'll try to look for it. Can you post a grid ref of the area so I can slew to it.

EDIT: I see you reinstalled NA landclass already which I just suggested. Time to earn beta tester stripes.

Make a folder inside your KBUR/scenery folder called disable. With p3d closed, or scenery inactive, drag and drop all files into this folder, except


Reactivate scenery, and is issue still there?

If not, from within p3d you can deactivate scenery in scenery library menu, add in 3 files at a time, and reactivate, see if you could narrow down which file causes the issue for me to look at.
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This is what Beta testing is for. The file LC_1619.bgl is not needed and may be causing the issue. You can delete it and see if it helps.

It contains landclass info. I then changed may mind, back in June, and went for photo scenery in the Hansen Dam park area, but then left the old LC file behind. If user does not have Orbx NA landclass, I guess we see no issue.

If that does work, could you just try the two files here. Place them into the kbur scenery folder. They will put default grass and a rectangle city all down that valley. I am interested to see if it can work over Orbx. I see on your pictures, the Orbx lc is not great. You have open fields around the airport, when it is in a densely populated area. That is it's character.

Delete the two files after testing.

You should see something like this. Note how even on this default setup, P3D pokes different landclass through the grass and rectangle city, sometimes dependent on slope. With Orbx additional lc categories, I think it gets confused. May be worth uninstalling and reinstalling NA landclass, if you only reinstalled it over old instalation.
Okay, so your LC file should just be disabled if one is using Orbx landclass or the SoCal region (which I own, but don't have installed). I will test things out, along with the two files you linked, once I get my current autogen mess sorted.
Help, I can't stop adding stuff. V1.1 will be sealed off tonight or tomorrow, or it will never be ready. Just finishing off some of the approach areas. Was going to add custom buildings, but that will delay release, so generics and autogen will sit there while I model onwards.

There will be a link at the top of the post to a download on Saturday. V1.1 is finished now. Just wanted to test a bit more and ran out of time to upload.

V1.2 is in development...
Okay, so your LC file should just be disabled if one is using Orbx landclass or the SoCal region (which I own, but don't have installed). I will test things out, along with the two files you linked, once I get my current autogen mess sorted.
Did disabling the LC file work? There are landclass polygons also in the *CVX file that may be causing you trouble. I may need to do an orbx compatible file with no lc poly in them. You need the cvx file as it has exludes and flattens in it.
V1.1 is ready and link at the top of the post is active.

Enjoy, and let me know any issues, or things you like to see in airports missing from this. Considering where to go next with it.

Things to see

Aerial imagery with accurate building placement on all 4 approaches. Blended to fit with accurate road/rail add-ons. UTX and Vector.

Some enhancements to on airport structures, and all taxi lining and edging custom made

EMAS, for all you Southwest pilots...

Tweaked Dynamic Lighting

Improvements to come will include enhancing the main terminal. Very simple model and the doors don't line up with markings on the ground now.

Also may have a go at bespoke lighting. The default lighting arrangement on this cross over runway means edge lights are visible in the middle of each runway at cross-over point. Also the taxi edge lights don't appear exactly where you would want them.

For now, AI planes do not land at correct location on rwy 15. The default threshold markings can not be suppressed, so the displaced threshold has been removed. Searching for a solution/workaround.