Hey y'all! Long time no see! Been a bit busy, and got burned out on FS, so I took a break and did some GTA development. That community became so toxic that I stepped back into the FS realm (It was a much needed break!) So I started up ADE and saw my GCFV project, and thought....hmmmm...I could do better than this. Whelp, that last several years my other half and I have been flying from here over to Ft. Myers, FL and I have not found any decent scenery for it for FS9. (You FSXers get the good stuff!) So as a excercise to get me back into the swing of things, I decided to do KRSW. This will help me finish up the GCFV scenery, as I already have learned several new things. I will probably be asking some more questions as I go along, but even with the last 12 hours worth of work, I am happier than expected...
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Awesome! Love the photoreal Ground Poly... hopefully this is comming along nicely. Keep on working on it!

I will buy it as soon as it's released...
Thanks! Like I said, this is being done as a "get back in the saddle" project. I am trying to wrap my head around Gmax again after working in 3dsMax for so long now.....
On another note....Started the runway textures. The base is grabbed from the photo, and I added some more detailing in photoshop....
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That's the issue I have right now...G-maps shows it as a really whiteish color, and the sat photos I have are a darker color....
That's the issue I have right now...G-maps shows it as a really whiteish color, and the sat photos I have are a darker color....
You might use photoshop to darken the textures... should be working just fine. never had issues with that... or telling someone who knows working with ground poly...
@Airbasil How does this look? Matched the color to photo as best I could. Also This is coming out way better than I expected! I have to redo the base ground poly as somehow my mapping is all messed up.
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jap, that looks allready much better... much more accurate... and like a runway done with concrete :p
Can't wait to see the full runway done with rubbermarks and the centerlines and lighting. Keep on working!
Re-thought my process, and did away with the runway. Whatever I did couldn' even come close to the photos....so.....I re-mapped the ground poly and managed to get a little bit better resolution, so I am going to edit out all ground markings and just do custom textures for those. I think it looks better this way anyways...
Nice stuff..not sure where this airport is located in the USA but can't wait to see this come to fruition

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Well, I found Bill Womack's ground poly .pdf, and decided to work my way thru it....I completely forgot that you can create some stunning texture work by just adding an alpha channel...so I spent the better half of today doing texture work, and starting to remove the taxi lines, and runway marks in my game textures for the ground poly....
truly awesome work... looks really beautiful. Can't wait to have the scenery... have you allready decided if it will be free or payware?
Found my new favorite tool in photoshop! The spot heal brush! Wow! First couple of times I was using the clone tool, and it was just way too clunky... The spot heal tool made short work of the taxi lines and other markings!