P3D v2 Lear 35A... nearly there

Haha... good idea Ripcord :)
capt_x, it's a target reeling machine. It unreels and trails behind a target for ground or air forces to practice shooting at.
Thanks for your comments guys.
Awesome textures, this is a first day buy for me for sure if it comes with a few U.S. business jet paints/tail numbers.

What kind of systems modeling and will it be compatible with hardware such as Saitek radio and Multi panels?
Finally an accurate Lear 35A! So far every attempt ..from 23 to 24 and 25 version models ..has issues ranging from over sized windshields to wrongly shaped windshields, landing gear that does not sit correctly on the ground or just hopeless fde's
Please offer this version with corporate paint schemes!!
and a big thank you for doing this model!
To be fair.....you have yet to fly this 35 to know that it is an accurate FDE in comparison to other products, so that is a pretty harsh accusation. You're basing this opinion off of a screenshot showing window sizes...which by the way there isn't even a shot of from the VC screenshot. The Lionheart Lear 24 is an outstanding product, as I'm sure this one will be too.