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MSFS Light Row and attached 3d model (heading)

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor

I'm in the process of creating taxi lights and underfloor lights using Light Row. That works really well:



As you can see, everything is fine so far.

But when it comes to the underfloor lights, then the attached 3-D model is not oriented in the right direction:


The 3-D model should have the same orientation as the Light Row.

Does anyone know the problem? Does anyone know how to solve this?

Any help is welcome :)


Resource contributor
The only problem I have is that only one color is usable even though we can change the colors of the light balls.
It seems ("like" the SimObjects) that we must use several asset groups to have more variety in the lighting effects...
They still have a lot of work to do to achieve the flexibility of the past :rolleyes:
Hi Christian,

So the lights are oriented correctly while the meshes/models attached are oriented in all kinds of directions? I can confirm that issue and as far as I know this has been reported to Asobo already. I tried placing the models as normal models instead but weirdly it is impossible to place them accurately at the same coordinates as the vertices of line (there's always some random offset between both).

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hello Sascha.

Yes, that is correct, the 3-D model does not point in the direction of the drawn line. In all likelihood I'll have to think about something else. But hand-placed underfloor lights are probably out of the question, because the effort would be too much for me. After all, the distance between the lights is 15m and that would be very time-consuming and also too imprecise. Maybe I'll just build a different 3-D model, a different type of underfloor light. In the past, the developers of MSFS have always done their homework well, which can be seen very well in the new Asobo lights. Maybe at some point they will also offer a possibility of aligning 3-D models along light rows :)