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MSFS [SOLVED] Apron lights appeared automatically

Ok so this is so strange...

I have modified the default Asobo taxi paintedlines texture, i only add more opaccity and a bit of dirt.

Now some apron lights have automatically appeared, im not sure if that texture is the reason or i have change other thing without knowing it. but this is so strange, i can't delete them now.

unknown lights.PNG


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Are they apron lights or taxiway lights? If taxiway then you should be able to turn of center and edge lights in the link properties
Its a PaintedLine, if i remove my own material, the light are still there, if y remove the line and reedo, the light still there...

I dont see any option on Properties panel


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OK I am not too familiar with the editors here but there will be one for taxiway paths. In there are some settings for lights.


This is the XML code which is used by the compiler to generate paths. There are properties for centerLineLighted, leftEddgeLighted and rightEdgeLighted

I am not sure if MSFS acts on these or whether you created actual taxiway paths in your project rather than (or as well as) the painted line. Since you mention removing your own material then perhaps these default lights are showing through. I don't know but it might be worth checking?
It´s very strange, when i remove a line, the lights disappear but as soon as i remove other diferrent line (with same lihgting problem) the lghts from the first line pop up again
Oh my good... im stupid... gonna say the solution if is someone is as stupid as me hahaha.

I have had selected a LIGHTED defaul paintedline, i thought that it was a thiny line not a line with lights.

You have to select a line without the word LIGHTED.

PD. You can see it in the screenshot.