P3D v4 Log file error

I am getting an error when using the program. I installed the new Skiathos for P3dv4 and I have no autogen. Looking at the logfile, there is an error, but i have no idea how to remedy it. I have added the log file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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It seems that one of the add-on.xml files on your system contains some invalid characters. But from the error I can't see which one.

Since the merger stopped at this error, it seems the Skiathos autogen was not yet processed and therefore it will be missing.

Do you have many sceneries installed via add-on.xml files? If not so many maybe you can spot the file that causes the problem.

I'll see if I can make the merger more robust in this case as well. It should continue with the next XML file instead of stop completely.

Sorry for the late reply, I have many sceneries installed via the xml method...all of which are payware...I have not manually added any scenery that way. I also have some sceneries deactivated in xml method. That might be the problem.....thanks for the help!