FSXA Lvar assignment in ModelDef XML?


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I don't know if your feedback is good or bad news for me :laughing: Good news because what I want to do is achievable, bad news because then it means I don't a clue about what is wrong in my code!
Thanks anyway.
from your link provided, from my side, I usually did clean and simple Lvar code in modeldef.xml
<code>(L:RefillStation_Distance, number) 1 *</code>
then all script code to drive that Lvars is from gauge or module.


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You are correct kalong : the code is the one posted in the first comment of the link.
My first test method was the same one as yours: all thre code in a gauge except this last bit in the modeldef animation:

100 (L:Peli_CurrentStatus, number) *
(L:Peli_Timer, number) +
And this works absolutely fine!

That’s why I don’t understand why the same darn code won’t work when injected from the modeldef!


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Does anyone KNOW that LINDA can set values in modeldef entries? If not, then you can't do it that way.