Making a Material a Template?


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Is there a way to create a Material Template which contains all of the settings of a material I have created? I would like to apply this material to other planes, but doing it line by line is tedious.

I tried choosing New in the Material Template Editor and choosing the material name from the drop down box, but it doesn't transfer any of my settings, I get a generic template.



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You should be able to create one from an existing material. Let me double check tonight if nothing is broken there.
Sorry for barging in, but I got something like this working as follows:
1) Load model in MCX
2) Open Material Editor
3) On the RH side of the "New" Button, click the downarrow, not NEW itself (that's the main trick)
4) You get a list of your Model's current materials; pick one
5) A new Material Template is created containing all the settings except possibly the texture file names
6) Add the texture file names and you have a complete template that you can import to another model.

BTW, if one wants to pass a material recipe on publicly (some tested PBR stuff maybe), simply enter MCX's program folder and subfolder templates, where you find your template files. Pick and upload the template you want and tell your users to save it in their own MCX\template folder. Hey presto, no hassle with mistyping in hundreds of settings.
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Thanks. This technique was not working for me when I wrote the post, I did try it. But I have updated my MCX to the latest version and it's working for me too. So I guess it was just a temporary glitch.

PS. This is difficult to check, since the attributes are listed in alphabetical order in a copied template, instead of the order they are listed in the Material Editor. But at least it's working now. :)