P3D v4 Mass edit airport code in flight plans

Forgive me if this was already asked and I didn’t see it

I’m currently manually updating Turkish Airlines to replace LTBA which is now cargo only with the new LTFM which is pax only. I have the LTFM scenery installed and AIFP has the airport info.
Flight plans were installed using AIGAIM program but the latest updated flight plans from them were before the new airport opened. I’ve already updated every other pax airline that goes to LTBA to now go to LTFM, but for Turkish, since it’s their hub and has over 10,000 legs most of which are to/from LTBA, if there is an option in AIFP to change all LTBA to LTFM without having to click on each and every leg manually.

With air traffic increasing and land area to expand existing airports decreasing, more airports are moving locations and building entirely new airports. If this feature is not already available, it would for sure make these changes far easier and faster to edit. I know of at least 3 airports that have changed ICAO codes in the past few years.

As said at the beginning, my apologies if this has already been addressed. I haven’t used AIFP in many years (been with UTLive since I switched to P3Dv4 back in late 2017 and had MyTraffic for FSX before that) so I don’t know a whole lot about the features available, but I do know how to manually edit a single flight plan/leg at a time.

Yes, it is an extreme useful feature.
I used it some time ago to reroute 50 percent of VHHH to VHHX, because I like an active VHHX very much.
(There is no realty besides my phantasie on my PC) ;)