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FS2004 Matching lights (AFW-AFX)


I made an airport with AFX.
As I added a ground polygon, all the lights are covered.
With "Airport for Windows" I added an invisible runway and all the lights can be seen.

Now I want to add the taxiways lights... but it is very difficult to match both taxiways (AFX & AFW) because I can not see in FS what I am doing in AFW.

So, the only way is try and try and try...

Is there an easier way to do that?

Thanks for your help.
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Is this for FS9? You say you added a ground polygon in AFX - exactly what is that? An apron or a terrain poly such as an airport background or a flatten?
Thanks Jon for the reply.

I added a photo satellite as a background of the airport.
I used the Ground Polygon Wizard in MCX.

Let's forget AFX... How could I easily match the lights made with AFW with the existing taxiways?



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Sorry I have no current working experience with AFW so I can't really say :eek: