MCX and PBR texture slots?

Hi Arno and all, I have some confusion I am hoping you guys can help me clear up. I think I have the combining texture problem covered, but I am confused about which slot to put the new texture sheet in. Should it be the metallic slot or the detail slot? Also for some reason, no matter how much I have the texture dulling the reflection it is always as bright and reflective as the window material. I don't know which setting I'm either not setting or setting wrong. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. thanks. SEW


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The Metallic Map (which contains the Metallic, Ambient Occlusion, and Smoothness Map) should go into the Metallic Map slot. Make sure the settings within MCX are set accordingly under the PBR section (such as, "Is PBR Material" and "Opaque"). Concerning the brightness etc... It might help in knowing what settings have you tried within MCX. Try setting the "Metallic" setting lower than 0.5 and the the Smoothness also lower than 0.6 (both within MCX under PBR for the textures in question).
Awesome, thanks for the quick response, you guys are awesome. I have been doing everthing pretty much right, except the Opaque and the metallic and smoothness settings. thanks again. SEW


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I don't know of any particular reason why you would use one over the other at this point. Though I suspect in future updates by LM, the albedo alpha will disappear (maybe?),... not sure on their thinking of having 1 or the other being used.