MDL is not a valid MDL File

Hi !

This is the message that Library Creator XML sent me after converting my SKP object into MDL with ModelConverterX

I have the P3D v2.5 SDK and windows 10.

I don't know if the problem is from MCX or LibaryCreator XML , any ideas ?

Thank's in d'avance !
Here is the complete process that i made :

I Import the object into Model Converter X

Resizing by 2 the textures :

Predicting and Minimizing the drawcalls :

Saving the textures :

Exporting into FSX MDL object :

Opening Library Creator XML and creating a library :

Opening the MDL object :


And ...

I hope that thoses pictures can help you to understand the problem !
I have not the faintest what you are talking about, even with all the screenshots you sent.
It should be easy:
Make sure you have a X01\scenery folder and a X01\texture folder.
Export the scenery to your X01\scenery folder;
Convert the textures to dds and resize them to be a power of 2 and put them in the X01 texture folder.
What do you need the XML Library Creator for???
If you want to put more mdl's into the same bgl, then use the 'merge' tool.
Forget all the history Over , the problem is from ModelConverterX .

All MDL or BGL that i made is unvalid , here is my exporter settings page , there could be the problem :

Is all Ok ?


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AFAIK you cannot use the P3D 2.5 SDK to create FSX models. You need to use the P3D 1.4 SDK for that.
Hi !

Ok Tom , Thank you , i'll reinstall My FSX !

Rob , It doesn't work even if i select the P3D MDL , Tom reply to My answer !
Hi !
So with the FSX SDK The MDL work very well , but i have another problem : if i want to convert my MDL object into a BGL object with LibaryCreator , i have this error :


Any ideas ?


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If you use the Library Creator XML development release version you can also work with P3D MDL files. But the version you are using only supports FSX MDL files.