Missing file in X-plane


Resource contributor
I have successfully converted my scenery to XP. When I go to that airport, ZBAA, I found a warning that:
" This region has missing scenery area. With no scenery will have nothing but water around them.
The missing file is: +30+110/+39+115.dsf" I cannot find where to download that. I have checked that the Xplane has global scenery for Asia already. Do you know where is to download. I search in google and I cannot find this file.

Did you have this airport and scenery before you added your new scenery. X-Plane usually downloads the region only if you have specifically set that region to download.

Is your x-plane from Steam or digital key? The DVDs have all the scenery on them. You may need to rerun the installer and then select the region.



Resource contributor
I got it. It is not the priority of the scenery. Steam program indicated that I have the global scenery Asia already, but actually I have partially downloaded it. I need to go back to Steam and click off on global scenery Asia and the check it on again and Steam start to download the rest. I have my airport on the ground now. Xplane has only one texture per model, so there is no specular or reflexion. Moreover tunnels cause problem. Everything float around since it will start the model at the bottom of the tunnels. I need to take tunnel out.