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FS2004 Missing textures

I have an airport installed, EBLG, and I cannot see the trees around that airport. Apparently the textures of theh trees are missing, because I can see all the crossing spaces wherez trees should be, but the trees themselves I don't see.
The airport is based on an AFCAD2 and it is in the scenery.
Can I see, e.g. using ADE, which the names are of the missing textures, and then go and search for these textures somewhere on the internet?
In other words: can I find out which texture file is missing, I need the name of it, and then I can search on the net for that texture file and add it to tje texture folder of the scenery of EGLG
Jive1 - Belgium
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Annexed is the file of which apparently a texture file is missing. Could somebody find out which name the texture file has, it is a tree of which a few hunderds are in the scenery. But I cannot see them because the texture file is missing;
Jive1 - Belgium


  • eblg-arbres-b.bgl
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That file does not contain that information. The object's GUID is 67677891dbc1cc0d5f111ee9c4cbf15c, but is not a huge help.

If you have Instant Scenery 3 (payware) you could do a search for all objects in that area which would give you the name of the library BGL file that contains that tree. Then you could load that BGL file into ModelConverterX, find that tree (using the GUID) and it would tell you the name of the texture.

If you don't have IS3, you could try loading all the BGL files in that scenery into ModelConverterX, find the tree, and get the texture name. If the text file says it requires some addon libraries, load those BGL files into MCX too.
With BGL2XML.exe I have found that following GUIDs are in the files in the mentioned scenery:
As I understand, it should also be OK if I could find a GUIDs library where all those GUIDs are in?
- I have "Flight1_instant_scenery_2_setup.exe" but I never have used it, is this version OK?
- and I have also "ModelConverterX" and also this one I have never used.
So, I don't really not very well understand how to proceed....
What should I do next in order to find the missing textures?
Jive1 - Belgium
MCX could help, if you know what bgl is the culprit. you can load it and see all the information, guids, textures, etc.
Tejal Bernardo,
I can load each separat file of the scenery, using MCX, and I can see thumbs of the textures, but...
I do not well understand what you mean with "the culprit", and what I should do with that file. Is it a file in the Static objects folder, or should it be a file in the texture folder of the scenery?... Or how should I uderstand what you say. I'm not very well in the picture of these things... Sorry.
Jive1 - Belgium
The culprit would be the bgl where the trees are as objects. Rethinking a little are you sure those trees are not "autogen trees" ?.
don't hink they are object or custom trees. anyway it's a Little confusing you are supposing there sould be trees. but it's not sure at all.