GMax Missing Utilities

If i load the default gmax all the utilities are there. But when i load FSX GMAX these are now missing. How do i fix this? Or what file is causing this?



Resource contributor
I have checked my GMAX with the FSX SDK installed, and I have all of the utilities listed. So it's not the SDK itself.

I would start by checking the ini files found in the FSX SDK's folder in the GMAX gampacks folder. Mine is called FSX_GmaxGamePack.

In the gmax.ini file there is an entry:

[Utility Sets]
ModSetEntry0=1010183319 1606892208 307388827 306186243 1924876789 -1482568881 1470835552 1493529333 1855492501 1576747447 1698601430 1759998750 -1479269395 1692309753 -1923732607 0 1163371204 1600820 761473067 1521299528 929757223 190734547 81152088 382825757

Is yours the same? If not, you might want to try this? Back up first.
Both the default gmax.ini and the one from gamepacks both have

[Utility Sets]

Not like yours. And since the default gmax has all the utilities it must be a file that is messed up. i also tried your code just in case and did not help.