MKJP 2015 Project

Can you please give us some step-by-step instructions how to execute your fix? Thank you very much in advance!
Sure. Here's what you'll need:

1. BGLViewer which you can get here:
2. A Hex editor. I used notepad++ with the Hex plugin added to it.

To do the fix follow these steps:

1. The file you need to edit is called Runway_markings.bgl. If you open this file in BGLViewer and expand "Section ModelData" and "QMID", you'll be greeted with several FSDS_objects. The one we're concerned with references threshold_stripes.bmp file. It should be the 10th FSDS_object from the bottom.
2. What we need to change is the bounding box data; specifically the Y max value under the BBOX header which should be 0.6096. BGLViewer can only read the data, so we'll have to change this using our hex editor.

3. Now you're probably wondering, how do I know what value to change it to or what to look for in the hex editor. If you select any other FSDS_object and check the Y max value, you'll notice 0.3408 is used, so that's the value we need to set it to. But we now need to know what to look for in the hex editor. In BGLViewer, we need to change the view to raw data. By selecting "Raw Data" under "View" or using "CTRL+R", BGLViwer will now display the raw hex data.
4. Now we need to find that FSDS_object again, it should be the 10th one from the bottom. It's Y max value should be, "BF 0E 1C 3F". This is what we'll have to replace in the hex editor.

5. Now we need to get the value for what the change the above to. Selecting any other FSDS_object should give you "
BF 0E 9C 3E". This will be the value we'll change the above to.
6. We're on the home stretch now. Open the Runway_markings.bgl file in your hex editor of choice and do a find a replace. We're searching for "BF 0E 1C 3F" and replacing with "BF 0E 9C 3E". It should modify 13 entries. Hit save.
7. Reopen your newly modified bgl file in BGLViewer and look for the runway threshold FSDS_object. It should be the 10th from the bottom. Hit CTRL+I if you have switched back from the raw data view. The Y max value should now be 0.3408.

Happy flights!
I really like this scenery, the runway markings seem to be floating though as well as some flickering with the default runway and taxiway underneath the textures. I also had to redo the photo scenery since there were no night textures for parts of it. Hope fully you could have a look at the floating runway markings? Maybe add SODE to it in the future?

Fixed the floating markings by editing the bgl with a hex editor. I edited the runway grooves to show up as well.
How do you create photoscenery?? Cause there are some Islands i would really love to have photoscenery for ..I have found Autogen for Martinique, and Guadeloupe..but I cant find a good freeware Photoreal of these two islands...And that FranceVFR photoReal is over 4Gs and Im certain i can make it if i know how to..
I would also like to download this scenery, but Dropbox, as always, tends to make downloads temporary. Any chance that you may share a new link for the download? (I get the 404 error whenever I try to open the link)
I tought this scenery changed from freeware to payware?
Yes, it actually did. :p So he is actually the RWY26 Simulations scenery developer: "Welcome to RWY26 Simulations. Flight Simulator scenery by Gerome Bodden." Thanks for pointing that out!