ModelConverterX: Polygon Error

Hello together,

I have two questions. First question is: I am using Microsoft Flight Simulator X and got the ModelConverterX working with the external SDK. A friend buyed the boxed version and sent me the files. After this I tried to add them in my ModelConverterX(in the ADE175 everthing worked fine). Can someone check my settings?




second question

This is the object I want to export:

So when i try to export my object there is appearing following messages(errors and warnings). I also minimized the drawcalls:


this error message i get multiple times:


and a few more:



so i'm sorry for this many error messages. So can someone tell me if some error messages are coming from the object or my settings in the ModelConverterX?

Thank you very much and greetings from Switzerland....



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Two things. First, if you haven't already you need to update your SDK to at least SP1a, and preferably to SP2.

Second, the FS2004 MakeMDL compiler does not like MDL names that start with numbers - I don't know if this also applies to folders in the path and to FSX compilers. But it's a possibility?


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How complex is your object? I see errors about more than 65000 vertices and out of memory errors. That often means the object is too complex. How many triangles does it have?

Also, when working with FSX the easiest way to get the SDK is to install the P3D v1.4 sdk. Once it's installed MCX will automatically pick up everything from the registry.
Hello together,

Sorry for the late reply I had very much to do for school. I followed the advise from @tgibson and now everything works. I can compile also smaller objects. The mistake was that like @arno said the object has to much vertices.