Modeling problem

Hello. I'm having some trouble when i export some 3d models from gmax. After make the export process, the model comes out like in the second picture, without a smooth shape.
Also, i want to ask if someone can make a model of this SUU-20 bomb dispenser pod on the first picture. Just the pod, without the training bombs.


I'm working on a mod for Tim Conrad super tucano and i need to fix this problem with the M117 bomb and also install the SUU-20 bomb dispenser to finish it.
A few months ago I was trying to contact Mr. Conrad with no luck at all... It seems he doesn't visit anymore. You succeeded with that? o_O
I like this airplane very much and I was trying to get the source files to enhance the FS9 versions :confused:


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Tim Conrad left these shores years ago and doesn’t do postcards or answer emails and nobody knows where he is or what he’s doing.

Your bomb model isn’t smoothed. Select the polys of the body and set one smoothing value. Select the polys of the pimple on the nose (fuse?) and set a different smoothing value. Each set of polys should have only one smoothing value - this avoids unpleasant shading between body and pimple. The fins can probably get away without any smoothing.


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To elaborate:

Add Edit Mesh (or Edit Poly) modifier to stack if not already present
Click black + next to Edit Mesh/Poly
Choose Polygon mode
Select the polygons that should be smoothed (as Tom says, do only one smoothing area at a time)
Scroll the right hand panel down until you see the smoothing section.
The simplest thing to do it choose Auto Smooth, or just click on smoothing group 1.
Select the other area, and click on smoothing group 2.

Hope this helps,