Modeller(s) WANTED!!!!

I am currently working on a total revamp (making it real) of KCVG (Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International) airport. I have spent many many hours working on the airport scenery as far as making an insane amount of changes to the stock airport. I am working totally in ADE. I am being my insanely picky self which is why it is taking me so long. However, I have no inkling as to doing models. Well, that's not entirely true. I have done some amazing models in Sketchup but nothing in 7 years. I really don't have the time currently as I am an Executive Chef and just started a new job as well as getting ready to move. (Talk about life getting turned upside down....) So simply put, I can do all the technical stuff and make sure every bit of the airport itself is exactly right....but I would like to find someone that can do the buildings (there are many but nothing insane I don't think...), and some ground work (there are a few tunnels, etc..) that I think really need to be done.

If anyone is interested, and has the time and expertise to knock it out of the park, then please contact me ASAP!!! I'd love to do an online meeting so I can explain my vision of this project. I am thinking this will be a 2 part project. A freeware version with generic buildings as best to real as can be done FREE...and a pay version with the modeled goodies. With what is going on at the airport currently, this would definitely be a project with 1 or 2 updates in the future as they are doing some major work right now..But would be fun to have the airport as it is now (Concourse C torn down and big construction site right there... Terminal 1 & 2 torn massive car rental complex being built next year or 2020, etc.)

So again, if anyone is interested, please contact me.. The airport itself should be done in a week or 2 based on my free time (what's that....!!!!????) A couple people would be great as maybe we could actually finish this before years end..or close to... Oh..and it has to be (as it's what I fly now) P3Dv4 compatible, of course!