FS2004 Models Disappeared from Model list in saved project


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I am currently working on a project which consists of additions of a full plethora of VFR references to my country (Portugal), as well as creating all airfields and more in the country. More on the project can be found in the Showroom thread 'Portugal VFR'.
One of the various additions is that of custom/real bridge models to the terrain scenery, for which I'm using ADE9 to place in the correct locations.
After doing this with 3 different bridges in one day, I saved the project so that I could continue at a later date.
Imagine my surprise when I open the saved project today to continue my work, and I am confronted with the situation that all of the bridge Models have somehow been 'forgotten' by ADE! They were no longer listed in the 'Model List' and were now represented as black boxes (aka object ADE doesn't recognize and ignores on compiling).
Now, the models weren't moved from their original folder, so I'm lead to think that this is a problem of ADE itself, but how/why I don't know :/

Could anyone shed some light on the subject?

Thank you
Hi Leo:

Just a quick question on how ADE9 was being used in this scenario.

Did you Open airport from your saved and compiled BGL, or did you Open airport from the saved ADE *.AD4 project data file ?



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Hey Gary,
I opened it from the project (.ad4) file!
I'm shutting down for the day, hope this doesn't happen again when I boot up ADE9 tomorrow! :confused:
Any idea what might have caused this?
Hi Leo:

I have not used ADE for creation and placement of extrusion bridges (I use other FS utility programs for that process).

I would have expected ADE to save the pertinent data in the *.AD4 file for FS9 mode.

Perhaps other ADE users or Scruffyduck may have some explanation of- and a workaround for- this scenario ? :scratchch

PS: For additional info on extrusion bridges, see:



For info on placing non-extruded bridge 3D scenery library objects with SBuilder, see:


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I just want to confirm that you are creating mdl files and adding them to ADE via Lists > Models. If so then please provide a screenshot of the models when you add them and another after you save and reload showing that they are missing.

This is not something that I have had reported before as far as I can recall. The workaround is to put the mdl files into a library bgl file and use them from there. However there is no reason why they should not be saved in the project file. Please note that ADE saves a reference to the mdl file (it's name and path) and not the mdl file itself. If ADE is unable to find a model on loading a project it should issue a warning.


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Hey @scruffyduck

I did indeed add them to the project via Lists > Models
I just opened the project file today after shutting down the computer yesterday, and this time all models show up/load fine in the project! :)
What I did this time (that I didn't before) was click 'Save' on the 'List Layout' options whenever I added a model, which I'm not sure would do anything to help with this situation, but I did so nevertheless.
Anyways, the last time when this problem presented itself, ADE did indeed warn me that it couldn't find the models and the Model list turned out empty, even though said models were in their original location and hadn't been moved or renamed in any way :/
I guess something must've gone wrong somewhere before, but since there was no problem now and as long as this doesn't happen again, it's good enough for me! :p

Thank you for your time and willingness to help @scruffyduck & @GaryGB !


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Hey @scruffyduck

Well, this happened to me again today :/
Fortunately after restarting ADE9 and reopening the project file, the models (and model list) were loaded correctly.
I have no idea why this happened again but it seems to be an occasional 'bug' that occurs randomly when first opening ADE9 on a given day, where it fails to find the models from the list for some reason? (the list was completely empty when I opened the project the first time, and all models showed as black boxes). :scratchch

Anyways, just thought I'd mention it so you can be aware that such a 'bug' exists, at least on my system :laughing:


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Hey @scruffyduck
I'm sorry to report tht this has happened again, and this time I can't seem to open a project and have my models there :(
No matter how many times I close and reopen ADE9, even restarting my computer; whatever project I open (ad4 file) all my models are gone from the model list and show up as black boxes. None of them have been moved or renamed from their original folders, and adding models to the list again and placing them again where I want them doesn't work also; once I reopen the project they're gone all over again...

I'm really at a loss about what to do now; not being able to get my models listed really hurts developing new sceneries :/