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MSFS2020 - Need Help Making Light Preset for ALSF-2 Approach

I'm trying to make a working ALSF-2 light to extend the approach lights further than what the runway editor will build. I've built edge light presets before but I'm having a hard time with this one. I've managed to position 5 lights relatively okay on the structure but I'm struggling to get them exact and match all the other properties.

Is there some way to find what is in use on the default to get the correct positions, intensity, color and angle settings? I want to make sure the lights match.
Here is new problem, I got everything positioned mostly, then when I lay out the LightRow, the lights don't move with the orientation.

Oddly, the yellow/white edge lights I made seem to be working. The white yellow mesh taxi light is 90 degrees off, so I had to reposition their directions.

approach lights.jpg
Orientation is fixed in the preset settings.

I found trying to position multiple lights in one preset so painful I gave up and made each light an individual light row that snapped to vertices. If that necessitated a new preset for each one it was still less work.

Its coordinate system might be logical to someone, I found myself guessing each time. And failing each time. With one light at a time all you need to get right is the height.
It is painful! The direction property is also weird. Going from 1 to 10 seemed to change the angle up to about 80 degrees. Then to get to 90 degrees I had to go up to 1000 as each degree required exponentially higher numbers.

I wound up walking each one into place with the X-Y coordinates. Go by tenths, then hundreds and finally the thousands place. I was overly worried about the matching but I can't tell the custom from the default.

I almost got good at it by the end of the other half of the runway.

There also seemed to be an inconsistency in the numbers. The height should have been the same for all 10 of the lights I placed. But there was some variation. Even the center light height on each side was different.