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New addition not seen


Im' trying to modify EIDW from MK Studio (for my usage) by adding the new 28R/10L runway.
My problem is that I don't see the 28R end, only the 10L end.
I have modifed the exclusion, but without success
I attach the ADE file.

Help would be very usefull.
Yves from ELLX


  • EIDW_ADEP5_ADE.ad4
    112.1 KB · Views: 68
Why are both ends blocked for landing?
You also have a sad lack of hold shorts.
10L/28R has no Runway taxi path (black)
10R 'Start' is not on the runway
28L 'Start' is not on the runway - 'Starts' are not the same as 'Hold-short' taxi points
28L 'Start' is too far East
plus, duplicate parking spots.
thank's for your answers. But my problrm is why do I NOT SEE the 28R/10L Rwy in P3D. I only see the 10L part...
Here are pictures


  • EIDW 10L.png
    EIDW 10L.png
    2.1 MB · Views: 73
  • EIDW 28R.png
    EIDW 28R.png
    2.7 MB · Views: 65
What is the reason -
a] for all of the Exclusion rectangles, and
b] for the polygon exclusion ?

Too many (and overlapping) exclusions can cause problems. Suggest take these out to see if your problem disappears. Make other changes as previously noted above.

It has occurred to me that you have eliminated the original airport Background but I cannot see that you have created a new enlarged one. Is that the case, because you have not got a new "Flatten"?
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Quick test.

Removed your polygon (large) that eliminates the original background and replaced with much smaller triangular poly that cuts across the original background outline - which is usually just 'outside the 'fence line'.

Created new background polygon that covers the original 'fence area but extended out to be outside the new runway.

Saved and compiled - put into my FSX - loaded up at EIDW and runway 10L/28R now visible completely.

There are 535 'Exclusion' boxes! Were they in the original file before you started modifying or did you add them?
As raymk says, you probably need to create a new airport polygon that includes your new runway and make sure it includes a Flatten attribute.

Sorry not to answer earlier, but I tried several solutions, with no luck.
All the exclusions are "original". I'm trying to create that background plygone, but I cannot manage to make my runway visible.
Raymk, could you please upload the ad4 file with your odifications?

thank a lot and have a good evening
sorry for delay but I have now completed the basic changes you require before you carry on making the updates you are making.

Changes made -
deleted the polygon 'Exclude Specific'
added new polygon 'Exclude General' - 'Airport Background'
added new polygon 'Airport Background' - 'Flatten Mask Class Map Exclude Autogen'
runway 10L/28R - added 'Taxipath / Runway' (black line)
- adde most of the required 'Hold-Shorts'.

Clearly lots more work is required before this is a working airfield but this should get you going again.


    122.9 KB · Views: 76
I tried to compile your file "as is", and I have exactly the same problem. Nothing at 28R edge, Rwy and road traffic at 10L edge.
I'll try more, but do not know which way I could test!
Could you eventually send me your bgl to test?
When you compile do you get a pair of 'bgl' files - if so are you putting both into your scenery folder?
Sorry, forgot to copy the cvx flie, but now I did.
I fully reinstalled EIDW from Orbx files
I have the bgl with 80867Ko and the cvx with 640Ko
But no 28R Rwy...
I don't think you ever mentioned Orbx before. Adding airports to Orbx can be extremely difficult.
MK Studio EIDW is in orbx folder.
D:\Lockheed Martin\Orbx Files\p3dv5\EIDW Dublin Airport\ORBX\MKStudios\MK_EIDW
now I know that Orbx installation is involved I will have to leave this discussion as I know nothing about working with Orbx.