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FSX:SE New Library Object Not Showing after Compile

While working on a new airport project, I add a "new" folder of .blg objects (ez.terminals_ss.blg). The process progress as normal. However, after a new compile and starting FSX to checkout the new addition... The new terminal was not present. Repeated the process a couple of time but no joy...

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated
Did you create your own textures? If so, in my experience, you will need to re-save your textures in the DXT-BMP program either a DXT1 bmp or a .dds file. (I think there's some other file types that you can save it as that will work but I'm not exactly sure what they are at the moment)

Glad to help.
Actually, this is the first time I've added any Library Object File to ADE and all I did was follow the ADE instructions. The ez.terminals_ss.blg.zip file came from FlightSim.com

The zip download DID NOT contain any textures, just the .blg and .jpg files

It's easy to tell how new I am at this but..... I'm learning slow but sure
Hi Ted,

Could you please provide a link to the exact place you downloaded it from? I want to look at each of the files and see what they look like. I couldn't seem to find it on FlightSim.com.

Well Caleb..... I can't seem to find it now either. I know it was there. I have all the files (un-zipped) but I deleted the zip file. I've spent the last 30 minutes looking on FlighSim with no luck. Thanks for trying !
Hey Ted,
Where are you putting the >>.BGL<< files?
Addon Scenery/scenery?
Somewhere else? Did you add the folder into the Scenery Library?

The ez-terminals_ss is by Sidney Schwartz you can find it HERE at AVSIM.

There should be textures, but they would be .BMP textures and I am not sure how they would work in FSX which uses .DDS textures, but you may be able to convert the .BMP's to .DDS in ModelconverterX.
Many of the objects go back to the old days of Rwy12, the first object placement tool made for FS9.