P3D v4 No Ground poly on Apron

i created an apron with ground poly's and lines but they dont appear on the apron.
also how do i remove the pushback and baggage vehicles
Airport Design Editor_2018-02-15_16-03-51.jpg


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Is the _GP .bgl in the scenery folder? Were the textures copied into the companion texture folder. Were there any compiler error messages? Do you have a flatten at or slightly below the ARP elevation? Did you elevate the GPs? Is this something that suddenly started? (I doubt you draw that many GP lines and not rune an earlier test.) You've got to give us something to work with.

To remove airport vehicles, push their traffic slider all the way left.



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Yes, it appears you have literally covered up the lines. When I first started ADE, it reported a couple Sketchup aprons were missing. I compiled anyway and the lines were drawn on the grass.

I know nothing about Sketchup aprons or how to apply them. But, they appear to be the source of your problem. Standard aprons seem to be OK.

the only things from sketchup are the 3d buildings ,i drew the aprons in ade with the apron tool so i really dont know whats going on
Thanks for trying


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Here's the message I get when I attempt to open your .ad4 file
C:\Users\gaffo\Desktop\Lanseria\Sketchup\groundpoly\4.jpg cannot be found.
Since your initial post showed what appears to be a dark asphalt apron - but the .ad4 file calls for a concrete apron - I assume that file is some sort of overlay.

What I did notice is that the Draw Surface and Draw Detail boxes for the main apron are unchecked. Upon checking these, your concrete apron appeared with the lines.

thats a backround image i was using in ade for the ground markings.
the concrete that appears to be dark asphalt is the textures from rex airports hd


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There were no changes in ADE-GP since 2.2.13 that should have had any such affect and I had no difficulty yesterday with the latest release - using stock textures.

To allow me to investigate properly, please zip up the following files/folders from your ADE folder and e-mail to don at stuff4fs dot com:
- Textures (at least the ones used in this file)
- Textures_Dpy (same as above)
- Texture_Def,txt
- Lines_def.txt
- ADE_GP_Materials.dat

Also, please include the substitute apron texture(s) used by this file.



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Ali, I have retested with your texture files using the latest release of ADE-GP and can find no difficulty - with either the stock apron texture or its replacement texture.

As we are discussing privately, there is a question about how you are configuring/applying the replacement apron texture. It appears you may be doing so with a ground poly outside the ADE file, since there is a copy of the replacement texture in both your Textures and Textures_Dpy folders and neither Draw Surface or Draw Detail is checked for either apron. Or, perhaps you've got a third-party application (which, in this case, seems incompatible).

I had to check these "Draw" items to have the aprons displayed. Before that, the lines were displayed on the terrain surface. After checking, the lines were displayed on top of the aprons, irrespective of which apron texture was used. (I substituted the replacement texture for the stock texture in the PV4\Texture folder - which would be the usual way to substitute apron textures).

I'm happy to continue to work with you privately to address the texture configuration issue, but I can find no difficulty with ADE-GP.