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Amusing how discussion of FSW has stopped now we have a forum for it!

Perhaps some day Dovetail will realise there will be nothing to discuss from a developing perspective until they open up. Over to you, Dovetail.


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Until we have an SDK and more information about the eula and addon development, I don't expect to much discussion yet.

Although the thread in general chat is still active with assumptions, rumours and speculations...
I've been reading and reading the EULA…seems complex…lots of legal wording…some of it seemingly contradictory…and some of it I would think unenforceable…but I'm not a lawyer, so…

For Arno and the Staff - any thoughts about FSDeveloper putting a Law Firm on retainer? ;)


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No! Have you used such services? A lawyer will tell you how often insurance companies manage to wriggle out of a claim for whatever, then insist you take out whatever insurance for your own protection...

(not kidding either)
There is starting to be some increased interest in the Mission Editor. I saw a Forum for Mission Editor, but it looks a little dated. Since no SDK has been released, the Mission Editor seems to be a way to generate more complex ideas for FSW - especially for non-programmers. There has been a link posted to the old FSX Mission Editor User Guide on the FSW Steam Discussion board. I picked it up, but obviously stays on a pretty high level. I guess I am looking for a more in-depth guide or something to help me along. Any ideas from you guys here? Thanks!!!