FS2004 Now what??


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It seems MSXML4 is not installed on your machine, that will give this error.

Sidney Schwartz

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Hi Arno,

MSXML4 was installed. I installed SP3 earlier this month and LC was working. I just uninstalled and resintalled MSXML SP3 and am still getting the same error message. The screen shot shows what's in my syswow64 folder.


Sidney Schwartz

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Never mind. I manually added msxml4.dll to the registry and now Library Creator is working.

[NOTE: The following rant is not in any way directed to anyone here.]

Why do I have to manually register part of a Microsoft program that I installed under Microsoft's most current operating system using Microsoft's installer? And I was lucky that I stumbled on directions for manually registering dlls...otherwise I'd be up the proverbial sh*t creek. I bought my first PC around 1980, and more than 30 years later I have to go through this stupid crap? What the hell do they expect an inexperienced computer user to do? I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE WINDOWS. Flight Simulator is the only reason I still have to use it. :mad:

I wish I could say I feel better now, but I don't.