FS2004 Odd ADE editor for Runway threshold opposite side RWY????

I just edited updated runway extended and more extended threshold on runway 34. It still corrects primary 16. When i ran FS2004 and I saw a strange backward threshold and ident number turn upside down 34. What's up with this ADE doing? Was too much length for threshold than regular runway length? Does ADE get confusing? Go see images.


Can you tell me what is wrong with this, please?




Never mind, I found my navigraph chart shows they changed it shorter threshold now than Google Earth shows previously.

Tgibson ~ what do you mean I can't do that? Explain more example. FS can use threshold runway in very common. But look at screenshots it screws it up. What's up?


long time since I've used fs9 so perhaps the SDK doesn't allow a threshold that's more than halfway down a runway of 8643ft
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