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One click hangar

One click hangar (Updated 03 OCT 2015)

I've created a one click hangar creator plugin for Trimble SketchUp. This is intended to work with SketchUp 2014 and backward compatibility with SketchUp 8 or SketchUp 2013 cannot be guaranteed.

This needs to go into the Sketchup plugin folder before running Sketchup, usually:
SketchUp 2014 - C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2014\SketchUp\Plugins
SketchUp 8 - C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins
SketchUp 2013 - C:\Program Files (x86)\SketchUp\SketchUp 2013\Plugins

You should find the plugin under "Plugins--Create Hangar".
There is also a help file under "Help--One Click Hangar help".

hangar.zip contains all script and help files, and hangar 1.zip, hangar 2.zip and hangar 3.zip contain all texture files.

hangar dev.zip contains the latest development version of One Click Hangar, and usually only hangar.rb. New features may be a bit buggy and you may see random debug message boxes popping up when creating hangars. Please note you will need to download all other files separately. Current development version is 11-AUG-2014.

You will be prompted to fill in some information regarding the size of the hangar, and internal beam structure (all figures are in cm) and when clicking ok, it will create a new hangar at your desired position.

If you wish to develop your own free script based on any part of this script's source code, you are free to do so, but please give attribution to me by linking to this thread.

Please visit the Facebook page for more screenshots, videos and tutorials. Link

- Eight different hangar types, easily customisable (Standard, T-hangar, arched, circular, hangar row, T-hangar row, Double nested T-hangar row, Ramada shelter).
- Four different dour types (Sliding doors, encased sliding doors, bi-folding doors, hydraulic swing door), and doors can be changed after hangar has been created.
- Easy hangar placement by drawing hangar outline.
- Hangars can be imported and automatically created for a whole airport by exporting parking spots in Aircraft Design Editor, using the Export to One Click Hangar plugin created by Jon Masterson.
- Creation of simple, uniform control towers.
- Automated geolocation of hangars.
- Automated export of model to .kmz or .dae format.
- Extensions, a flexible and powerful tool to create custom hangars.
- Add your own textures. You can use your own textures instead of the default textures. Please note that you would need to either own or have permission to use whichever textures you decide to add, or they need to have some sort of creative commons licence, if you decide to publish any sceneries using this tool.

Latest changes

Updated version 28 MAR 2014

- It is possible to set different textures to each level in control towers.
- It is possible to create internal floors and ceilings in control towers.
- The default angle of the control tower has been changed, meaning the first side runs along the y axis.
- An instruction manual has been created for control towers.

Updated version 28 MAR 2014
- One Click Hangar is now compatible with SketchUp 2014
- All textures have been moved to the textures.och file, meaning default textures are no longer hard coded.
- New feature: Possibility to select between metric and imperial units.
- Control tower settings have been simplified, however flexibility has been added, meaning more elaborate structures may be created.
- New Extension for standard hangar: Multiple hangar doors, MD(Count, Door Folding Levels), Example: MD(3), MD(3;10;50;60). Doors will be evenly spaced. Sliding doors are not allowed. Door tail sections are not allowed.
- New Extension for arched hangar: Roof windows, RW(Position_XxPosition_Y;WidthxHeight;Side(L/R);Texture Name;Opacity) Example: RW(550x180;720x200;L;Scratchy window;30)
- Hinges added to Hydraulic swing doors.
- Fixed issue: Hangar doors could go outside hangar bounds when using the door offset extension
- Fixed issue: Support frame for hydraulic swing door was created in T-hangar.
- Fixed issue: Walls not drawn correctly when eaves have been set.

For earlier changes, please refer to changelog.txt in hangar.zip

Screenshots are available on both my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Videos (more videos on Youtube)


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Thanks for sharing, that's a nice idea!
Thanks for kind feedback.

Have added a few new features, now that I've amassed several hours of Ruby experience. :)
There are now four different hangar types to choose from, all relatively customisable.

I'm open for suggestions of any other hangar types to add to this script.
Couple of small points.
Plugin name now changed to 'Create Hanger' which you didn't mention and is there a way to avoid the Ruby console appearing each time your plugin is loaded. Thank you.
Good points,

I've updated the description above to the correct menu item.

I'll change it to not include the Ruby Panel on startup in my next update, as this is only for development purposes. In the mean time it's possible to prevent it, by removing line 7 in the hangar.rb file (Sketchup.send_action "showRubyPanel:")
Couple more points if I may.
I don't like having to create a new folder on C: for your textures. I would prefer to have the choice where textures go (OK I could change that location within your .rb but that's not really for me to do) and perhaps a more individual name for them ie: xx_concrete.jpg ( there are loads of 'concrete' jpg's and bmp's out there - could easily get overridden.
Also Sketchup is 'locking up' on trying some of the hangers so I haven't really got into this yet, but I do like the idea.
Thanks for the feedback.

I had almost finished writing a lengthy reply when I closed my browser window by mistake.

Anyway, the jist of that response was:
I will change the location for the texture files back to the plugin folder in the next update (and to a user selected location at a later date).
A better naming convention for the texture files is a good idea, I didn't really think of any conflicting names.

With regards to SketchUp freezing when creating hangars, this only happens for me when selecting "corrugated" walls in the standard hangar. This is due to the much higher number of faces for this wall type. The corrugated walls have 8 faces per 10 cm of wall, where as the "flat" walls have only typically 10-20 wall faces.
If I create a standard hangar with all the default settings, and change the wall type to "corrugated", it takes SketchUp more than six minutes to create the hangar.

But I'm sure there is room for a lot of optimisation of my code.
Thanks for the feedback.

If I create a standard hangar with all the default settings, and change the wall type to "corrugated", it takes SketchUp more than six minutes to create the hangar.

But I'm sure there is room for a lot of optimisation of my code.

I think in six minutes you could build a hanger by hand :)
I think you're right there. :)

I might put in a warning, and an option to change, when this wall type is selected.

I created the wall type more to see if it would work really. The ultimate goal is to get the tool to create ultra detailed hangars with, but it may just take too long for SketchUp to generate the files.

I don't actually know the impact of the high number of vertices these detailed hangars have in FSX, as I haven't converted any of the buildings I've created to bgl files.
Another new update with new door type and more textures. Also corrected some issues with the auto location feature.
Thank you :)

Attached is a screenshot of the latest development, hydraulic doors.
As you can see, the angle of the piston changes automatically depending of the angle of the door.

Have also created another door type for standard hangars; encased sliding doors.

Doors are only eye candy and not animated, unfortunately.
I have a few ideas on how to make them animated in FSX, but not sure if any of them will work.


  • hydraulic doors.jpg
    hydraulic doors.jpg
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Yet another update with two new hangar doors.
If anyone has any suggestions on improvements or features to add, feel free to share your ideas.