P3D v3 SDK TestX.x

I intend to follow the steps to load a 3DSM7 sdk inside TestX.x model, I get to the BGL files and DDS files, senery folder I created a folder to put these two files into it, but after starting the program Seattle map but the model did not show; how can I do? Thank you


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Please, the translation is very coarse for me. If you made a longer description, it might help understanding. Please tell what software you use, perhaps upload your model for examination and provide anything else you can think of to assist understanding, thanks.
我通过查看p3d的sdk,在modeling sdk里有介绍如何导入一个模型,里面的例子是一个名字为TestX.x和.xanim的文件,我按照步骤获取到了dds文件和BGL文件,然后我在p3d的scenery文件夹下面创建了一个addon scenery文件夹,该文件夹里有两个文件夹名字为scenery和texture分别存放dds和gbl文件,然后我打开程序找到Sea-Tac ,但是我的这个模型却没有出现,

I p3d by viewing the sdk, in modeling sdk there describes how to import a model, an example of which is a name for TestX.x and .xanim files, I get to follow the steps dds files and BGL files, and then I was in the p3d scenery folder below creates an addon scenery folder, the folder there are two folders named scenery and texture files are stored dds and gbl, and then I open the program to find the Sea-Tac, but my model does not appear ,
I would like to ask what is my wrong step? Or am I missing a particular configuration? My program is how to load these files?

Thank you!!


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From reading your description it appears you only have to open the simulator, invoke the scenery configuration window and select your scenery folder and activate it.
Thank you,but I don't know How to invoke the scenery configuration window,This operation is run on a device it p3d?Do I also need to configure some files such as xml?Can you explain how to load .bgl p3d file it? Thank you!!


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If you followed these directions:
Importing a Model to Prepar3D®XtoMdl tool. Make sure the /XANIM switch is set if there is a .xanim file, and the /XMLSAMPLE switch should also be set.
  • Follow the instructions for the XtoMdl tool to edit the placement XML sample appropriately. This will place the model near the main runway of Sea-Tac airport.
  • If you didn't use the /XMLSAMPLE command line, you will need to look inside the .x file of your model (Do a search for "GuidToName" not the template) and copy the guid into your placement XML for "LibraryObject name". Also note that if you plan on placing it more than once you will need to use a different "instanceID" guid for each placement.
  • Copy the .mdl file output from the XtoMdl tool, and the edited .xml placement file to the BGL Compiler SDK folder.
  • Drag the XML placement file over the BGLComp icon, which should result in a bgl file. If it does not, open up a command window and run the BGL compiler from there, as the errors will then be readable. Refer to the Compiling BGL documentation for more details.
  • Copy the bgl file to the Add-on scenery/scenery folder.
  • Run Prepar3D®. Change the airport to Sea-Tac International.
  • The new object should be visible from the user-aircraft at the start of the runway.
  • When you are satisfied with the model. If the object is a scenery object, create a new placement file placing the object exactly where it should be. If the object is an aircraft, refer to the Aircraft Configuration Files for all the other steps necessary.

http://www.prepar3d.com/SDK/Environment Kit/Modeling SDK/Using Modeling Tools.html#Importing a Model

Then you should upload your .bgl or .mdl format file.
Thank you. I have made operation according to the instructions you refered. I acquired .BGL file and .DDS file. you know in P3D not have scenery/scenery folder. so I create the same name folder. but This model does not actually run the program。
Anyway thanks for your help!