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  1. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating "Specular" Maps v3.80

    GIMP: Creating "Specular" Maps for FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF (currently v3.80) file containing instructions for GIMP v2.10.xx (64-bit) Only. How to... Creating Specular Maps using material masks with the addition of keyboard shortcuts. GIMP (v2.10.10 & Later): ⦁ GIMP-DDS Plugin (64-bit...
  2. Pyscen

    GIMP: Creating Normal/ "Bump" Maps v3.70

    GIMP: Creating Normal/ "Bump" Maps for FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF (currently v3.70) file containing instructions for GIMP v2.10.xx (64-bit) Only. How to... Create a Normal/ Bump Maps with (diffuse maps) or without (albedo maps) directional light information. Keyboard shortcuts added. GIMP...
  3. kalong

    P3D v4 P3D SDK v4.4 ACE tools mess

    is someone have issue with aces tool from Prepar3D_v4_SDK_Setup_4.4.16.27106? I have this issue: 1. chrome material became transparent. made double, double and double check, it correct as it should opaque material. 2. at export to x file, checked export animation (made double, triple etc...
  4. D

    Is FSX/P3D SDK available anywhere?

    Hi, I think this is probably gonna result in ‘no’ but I’ll try. I have FSX standard edition and was looking to start building my own aircraft and scenery now I’ve retired from work, however, obviously I don’t have the SDK with that pack (although it’s updated to SP2). Is there anywhere I can...
  5. sniperfull

    P3D v4 Simconnect Data Requests.

    Hi, ive been trying to get altitude from the simulator using data requests. I've been following the SDK example and SDK documentation but ran into a problem. My results are not the same in WPF as it is in a WinForms example. Here is my data request code: The problem i'm having it that my result...
  6. Airside Developments

    How do I make realistic looking buildings?

    Hi all, I have started work on making ENRY. I have modeled and textured all of my buildings in Sketchup, but when I put them into my sim (P3D V3) I notice that they do not look as good as other developers buildings... They don't cast shadows on the ground and I can't find any settings in Model...
  7. Pyscen

    PS: Making a "Balanced" Texture v2.50

    PS: Making a Balanced Texture for FS9, FSX, FSX: SE & P3D A PDF file containing instructions for Photoshop Software Only. How to... either subdue or remove highlights and shadows from your textures. What some people could call an albedo map.
  8. Pyscen

    PS: Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) Maps v2.4

    PS: Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO) with Height Maps (HM) v2.45 for FS9, FSX, FSX:SE & P3D. PDF file containing instructions for PS, PSE, and CC Only Photo Editor (PS, PSE, & CC) Photoshop, Photoshop Elements & Creative Cloud: a. None
  9. Pyscen

    PS: Creating "Specular" Maps v3.6

    PS: Creating Specular Maps v3.65 for FSX, FSX: SE & P3D. PDF file containing instructions for Photoshop Family Only. How to... In Creating a "Specular" Map with using material masks. Photo Editor Photoshop Family: a. NVIDIA Texture Tools (NVIDIA Normal Map filter, NVIDIA DDS plug-in...
  10. Pyscen

    PS: Creating Normal/ "Bump" Maps v3.6

    PS: Creating Normal/ "Bump" Maps v3.67 for FSX, FSX: SE, and P3D. PDF file containing instructions for Photoshop Family Only. How to... Create a Normal/ “Bump” Maps with (“Diffuse” Maps) or without (“Albedo” Maps) directional light information. Photoshop Family: a. NVIDIA Texture Tools...
  11. lordofwings

    P3D SimConnect side by side with FSX SimConnect?

    I am a user and developer of FSX and therefore I have FSX's SimConnect libraries installed (also the SDK). I need to develop some software for Prepar3D and would need the P3D SimConnect SDK. My question is... can both (FSX & P3D) SimConnect libraries (DLLs) co-exist, side-by-side without...
  12. lordofwings

    P3D v3 Any Microsoft .NET library to interface with P3D?

    I need to interface to Prepar3D using C# and would like to know if there is any helper library that would use SimConnect or perhaps FSUIPC (Free). I used to develop with a library called FSUIPClient.NET from Paul Henty for FSX but that relies exclusively on FSUIPC and I do not know if it works...
  13. K

    FSX AI title and aircraft.cfg (SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft)

    Guess it will be the same for FSX and P3D. When I create AI traffic with SimConnect I have to pass the title from the aircraft.cfg (docs). So far I was under the impression that hence the titles are unique / have to be unique. Otherwise, how would I distinguish two AI aircraft with the title...
  14. Q

    P3D v3 SDK TestX.x

    I intend to follow the steps to load a 3DSM7 sdk inside TestX.x model, I get to the BGL files and DDS files, senery folder I created a folder to put these two files into it, but after starting the program Seattle map but the model did not show; how can I do? Thank you