P3D SimConnect side by side with FSX SimConnect?

I am a user and developer of FSX and therefore I have FSX's SimConnect libraries installed (also the SDK). I need to develop some software for Prepar3D and would need the P3D SimConnect SDK.

My question is... can both (FSX & P3D) SimConnect libraries (DLLs) co-exist, side-by-side without overwriting each other?
Yes, that is the way .NET works. Each dll is versioned and will not overwrite the old one. You can have FSX, P3D v1.4, P3D v2.0,2.1,2.2,2.3, 2.4 P3D v3.0, 3.1,3.3, ESP all on the same computer. However. You can only build your project to ONE of them. So set your dll lib to the lowest common Flight sim you want your project to work with.

If you want your project to work with FSX and P3D v2 then use the dll for FSX. If you want your project to work with P3d v2 and v3 then use P3d v2 dll.

You have to make sure your user has the SDK managed Dll for your project, or a way of loading it on the computer. If your user has P3D v3 and you have compiled your project for FSX - he needs to have the dll for FSX.