P3D v4 texture creation

I've been working with MCX in placing a ground poly on the tarmac. I create the textures using Adobe Elements. These textures work well, but appear as if they are on a sheet of glass. They reflect the sun very well. Could someone give me a direction to determine what can be done to reduce the reflectivity/specularity in MCX and P3D v4. I'm really looking for tutorials. I see that MCX has a Texture converter. It seems that it will allow you to select your transparent color. I tried this. It created a texture that appeared to be what I was looking for (white lines on a transparent surface) as if you were painting lines on the tarmac. It didn't work. Is there a tutorial for the feature of MCX?

This is my test texture. it's 140'x140'. I tried to make the black transparent.



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This deals in part with secular shine


If you are making a ground poly that is "painted" on to the Tarmacadam for Flight Sim you dont need MCX for that. If you are creating your airport and adding a heli ground marker you simply create the graphic in elements, save it as a 24 bit BMP. Then using BMPDTX you open the same BMP file and save a separate copy of the graphic as a dtx file.

You then place the DTX file in the TEXTURES folder in ADE and the BMP file in the TEXTURES_DPY folder. In the same area as the folders you will find a text file named TEXTURE_Def_Base. In here you have to place the name of the file I.e. gp_Heli_Ground _Marker|20F|20F|20F|true

When you want to place your heli marker you just use the custom ground poly to do it AND its there for uses in other projects or multi locations in the same airport