P3Dv4 Material Scripting


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I hope somebody else can help you, I'm not so familiar with using the scripts yet and how they work. I just know how they are stored in the MDL :)
I experimented with a couple of scripts on an aircraft mdl, which worked as expected, but that was done using Max and the SDK tools and not with MCX.
@arno, thanks.

@DaveWG thanks, I saw the pictures you posted in other sites. I am not familiar with MAX and the SDK tools. I am just looking at it to test some dynamic material changes via regular programming code.

Do you happen to have a working MDL you could share ? That would save me time in learning MAX/SDK which I really don't use much. Thanks.
I don't have a working mdl at the moment. The one I did have was just for experimental purposes and had since been deleted. I could make a simple one to send you, but it won't be until the weekend.
I try this tip with thé Cessna 172 of FSX and i succed for the first try.
On my Cessna 152 which use more animations on the VC ... Not at all but glass texture use an alpha channel so it is possible what the two conditions are in opposition.
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can someone plz post a screenshot on how to add LUA script to an MDL using MCX ?
i wanted to do that but i couldn't find it in the MCX UI !


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In the material editor there is a Scripts attribute where you can provide the name of the script.

Hi. Someone knows if the material script is supported as a ground poly in GP wizard? The ContentErrors shows something weird. Its like the script lua language is not recognized.




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Appears you have special characters within the script.. remove special characters. Though I'm not a specialist in scripts either, but I know that special characters can't be used.
Thanks for the reply Pyscen. I actually kinf of took the script from the SDK examples. I am attaching it. I dont know if the P3D is expecting another language. This is lua but I dont know hoe the Ground Poly wizard is exporting the bgl.