P3D v4 Payload Manager

Christian Bahr

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Ever wanted to skydive with a skydiver avatar?

This is now possible with the Payload Manager from Lorby-SI. New features have been added to the current payload manager. In addition to the Skydiver Avatar, which is available in male and female variations, you can now simulate an ejection seat exit and an AI-parachutist.

The Payload Manager can either be downloaded from the Lorby product page or from the Bahrometrix download page. The Payload Manager is freeware :)

More Pictures ...


Skydiving in the near of Heidelberg in FTX Germany South


different camera views


Good landing ... :D
Amazing creation, If not to much trouble, could you please develope a special ops personnel avatar/model like an Navy Seal or SAS something along that nature. I would really appreciate it.

Christian Bahr

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I have to discuss this with the developer of Payload Manager. Maybe there is something going on, but it does not depend on me. Do you have a picture of how it should look like?
These are what I fouund so far,I know they're all different. Maybe someone with better pictures or information may share


Christian Bahr

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Your suggestion is good, but unfortunately nothing will come of it. But maybe the avatars of Dino Cattaneo are for you. And there are the soldiers Avtare included in the P3Dv4.
Hi Christian,

not that familiar with the Payload Manager and forgive me the question, but is it possible to load every avatar into it like your answer suggests above?
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Christian Bahr

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... but is it possible to load any avatar into it like your answer suggests above?
I'm not so sure about the functions of Payload Manager, but there is a current update from today. There is the possibility to select each simobject. Avatars are basically Simobjects with special features. So it should not be a problem to select an avatar :)

Update for the Payload Manager

- There is now a checkbox that will cause PMX to stop reporting the weight of the attachments to the simulator. This can otherwise have problems with complex addons where the aircraft has its own weight and balance logic (PMDG and possibly A2A)
- The function to replace the SkyDiver with any SimObject has been repaired
- There is now an additional gauge on the SkyDiver, a "more realistic" altimeter

Special thanks to Marcel Felde! From him comes the altimeter.

Free Download from Bahrometrix: Lorby-SI - Payload Manager