PBR glass texture (semitransparent/tinted)

Hi all,

I am struggling with PBR textures for a terminal window front. I want to have the windows to appear blue tinted, semitransparent with dirt stains and PBR reflections.
Unfortunately I was not able to find any solution for an appealing look so far.
Can probably anyone help me with some settings and texture requirements? It would be great!

Thanks in advance!


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Prior to v5

Is handled pretty much the same as FSX (not really PBR).

For v5:

For the effect of dirty windows: would be a layer within the albedo map, which either PS or GIMP can do. Any transparency is handled from the Alpha Channel of the albedo map - as it has been done since FSX. The reflection is handled through the Blue channel of the metallic map. How do you currently have it set up (such as the albedo and the metallic map)?