FSXA perspective view shows only wire frame

As the title says, but click on view then perspective.... all choices are dimmed out.

Trying to help a friend and we found this. I fixed this for others in the past but cannot remember how.

Also- When one gets many warnings or errors while compile.... is there a list of what these error messages mean. Sometimes there are so many. I get them now and then, but projects some others send to me I see this. I can find some... like reversed ploys and such, but it is confusing.

Is there somewhere we can download a list of these or most of these errors messages and what they mean? Bob
31 readers... not one has seen this? Hmmmm. Wasn't there an old switch or something for FS9 that allowed us to use a thin line for things like telephone wires, cables, etc? No longer available now but the switch is there somewhere that renders the preview pane like an empty blue frame? If this switch is on this will give this effect and under 'view' perspective props- all items are dimmed out.

Well - found that line trigger. It is in parts when you open primitives, but doing this did not dim out the perspective view items.

Still would like an answer to the other questions.. the dim out and the error messages. At least an I dunno would be nice. ;) hahaha


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Sorry old chap, if it was gmax or Max I could tell you straight off, but I know zip about FSDS. There's surely a toggle for wireframe view / shaded view?
yes there is. One can control light and direction in preview pane and even night texturing. The wire thing is two-fold kind of.... the part without textures and the other is when you choose the part you can click on 'lines', but I've been told this was for FS9 and previous. doesn't work anymore due to how xtomdl works I guess.

The main concern is this- we have a choice in the menu called views - one item in drop down is perspective views. This has a drop down with choices. My friend's is all dimmed out whereas mine isn't. These choices control how you see the preview pane.

In FSDS the preview pane is the work-in-progress of what your project looks like. Ergo- a building with wall but no roof yet because I haven't added one yet... add a roof or a portion of - now you have a building with 1/2 a roof, and so forth. Same thing in Gmax - just different tabs I suppose. Anyway- thanx for the reply. There are items in preferences (where you configure FSDS to your computer) where to look for FSX, where your sdk is, and so forth, but I can't find anything wrong with his initial set up. Weird!


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Don't you need to download and install the DLL libraries from MW Graphics to get solid view in FSDS? Has he done this?
I never had to do that. Maybe he can get them from there even though MAIW didn't create FSDS but might have those if it helps. great!


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From what I find on the Interweb, Solid View is the very onion. There's also talk of VASS as a useful complement to FSDS, although it's extra.

I'd also check the video driver being used, perhaps an update is needed?
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I have just upgraded to win10 from win 7 and now have a similar problem. I get a direct x error with the solid view with no preview. Have upgraded video driver but to no avail, has anyone got any ideas?


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Gosh, another FSDSer! You may need the June 2010 DirectX 9.0c runtime? Yeah, I know W10 uses DirectX MuchGreater; it's just a suggestion. Win7 needed it too for older software to run properly.
Worked with him today. He chose a cube... and clicked on 'smooth'. BINGO it started to show the default instead of wire! After that he didn't have to click- smooth anymore. Weird. BUT- when packaging a project... only the fsc shows up... no textures. Hmmmm.