Placing new library bgl.

I created a new Library to start with one object and it created a bgl and I placed it into my active scenery folder within addon scenery and when i run object placement it is not listed in scenery list. did i place the bgl in wrong place? or was i to do something else?


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What do you mean with object placement? The object placement tool of the SDK? It will show your object, but not by the name, but by the guid.
yes the object placement tool, even the guid is not showing up in the scenery list , quick example a submarine i made in gmax shows up in object placement under the ai drop down menu, i use that to figure where i want to place the submarine, i then take the lat. and lon. and then write an xml and then create a .bgl and put in fsx and the submarine shows up as scenery where i want it. but under the scenery drop down neither the guid number nor the name of the sub are in the scenery drop down menu..never shows up as scenery. I am not making a mission just saving scenery. thanks for the response