Please assist!!

Hi Peeps
Hope all of you are well?
I require some assistance please
I have made a building in FSDS,not textured it as yet,but whats the following steps to use it in FSX
Which files must i copy and to wheir ect ect
Your help is much appreciated
The building can be compiled as a .mdl file and installed into FSX in a number of different ways using other applications. FSDS can create a .bgl file placed into the FSX Addon Scenery\scenery folder if FSDS is properly set-up. The location of the building is established by entering coordinates in the Project Properties and the orientation is as shown in FSDS with north at the top of the display.
That will work but if you get back on Skype I will show you.
1. compile your mdl.
2. make sure you have one folder wit hall your mdls in it.
3, Open IS3 library maker and create a library. (Can't remember- call me).
4. place library in your active scenery.
5. start FSX - go to that scenery - open IS3 and place.


Textures- I think we covered this, but easy to forget.-------------
In FSDS when ready to compile, do so but before shutting down FSDS go to --
1. file.
2. package project
3. navigate to where you made a folder called package folder (easiest to remember)
4. save.
5. shut down FSDS
6. go to package folder and open
7. a. can dump the fsc file if you want to. b. grab all the bmps there and copy to your active scenery's texture sub folder.

Doing this you will never have to write down all the bmps you used, then go searching all over your machine for those and copy and paste each one.
Only exception- if you tagged any of these bmps with .N (look for night texture.... i.e. _LM) you will have to make your own _LM, or everything will be invisible in FSX. Bob