Problem ground polygon Sketchup + ADE

In Sketchup with the geoposition option, I created a rectangle with juxtaposed images. All images have been unlocked and exploded to form a single entity.
The .SKP file has been exported to DAE file for use by modelconverterX (resized) and creation .BGL and .BMP are ok.
My problem: when viewed in FS9, the file is visible but not the runway and night, all lights are invisible. Does anyone have a solution? Explain my mistake? I have already explored the layers but without success.

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This is more likely NOT related to anything done with your Sketchup work-flow described above. :scratchch

When creating / modifying an airport, one must use the same Altitude value (in Meters AMSL) within ex: ADE for:

* Airport Properties (Airport Reference Point aka "ARP")

* Runways

* Airport Background Polygon (aka "Airport Boundary") polygon

NOTE: Special tools are needed to modify a Airport Background Polygon (aka "ABP", aka "Airport Boundary" polygon) in FS2004 (aka "FS9").

AFAIK, ADE in 'FS9 mode' (aka "ADE9") does not have the capability to 'modify' a ABP, so one must use SBuilder for FS9 (aka "SBuilder 2.05")

Additionally, at the same Altitude as the airport infrastructure objects above, you will also need a "Terrain Flatten", which ADE9 can make as a SCASM Area16N legacy format BGL.

Once all the above airport infrastructure objects are in place at the same Altitude, one must align the Ground Polygon (aka "G-Poly").

A Sketchup exported Collada *.DAE (or a Google Earth *.KMZ) file is then imported into MCX via "Ground Polygon Wizard" (aka "GPW").

In MCX-GPW, for FS9 G-Polys, one assigns a VTP layer number to be used for display of the G-Poly (typically starting at layer # 16 or higher).

FYI: If more than (1) such G-Poly is used which overlaps another G-Poly, their assigned individual G-Poly VTP layer numbers must be separated by (3) interposed layer numbers; so if the first G-Poly is at layer #16, the next one above would be at layer # 20 seq. :pushpin:

BTW: FS9 G-Polys are 'flat' 3D objects in a non-MDL file format using Z-Bias and 'minimal' Material Properties, compiled by SCASM / ASM.

This type of G-Poly 'may' exclude other underlying 3D objects (including those placed as Autogen), and is intended to display on top of default BGLComp-compiled Runways.

After using this work-flow, if you are still having issues you wish to resolve, please post another reply (with screenshots / more details). :)

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Hi Gary,
I thank you very much for your very complete and quick answer.
I find that I still have to learn a lot.
I will analyze and try to understand, to implement all your information.
I take note of your remarks and I will try to be as complete as possible in my next post
Kind regards