FS2004 question on GMax/Motion function

Hi guys
I developed a movement of a "rower" on a rowing boat, with over ten movement points (tick18), choosing a low number of frames (50) reasonable with the rowing loop.
I then imported this model in motion where to do it "travel" and with a number of frames appropriate to the length (800): obviously, the result is that the "rower" moves for the first 50 frames and then freeze for all the rest of the cycle (800). Having no better idea, I think the solution could be to bring the "rower" from 50 to 800 frames, replicating all the movements 16 times ...
Since it is unthinkable to do that "by hand", I wonder if anyone knows of the existence of a function that can allow it.
I'm not sure I have been sufficient clear, though I hope
Thanks in advance for an appreciate answer



Resource contributor

You can clone keys quickly and easily.

1. Create the first set of animated keyframes.
2. Hold down the Ctrl key and select all the keyframes by clicking them one by one, or draw a rubber band around them.
3. Hold down the Shift key and drag them across to the next desired starting position. They will all be copied in order. Let go of the mouse button, but keep the Shift key down.
4. Repeat #3 until finished.

Hope this helps,